Your Weekly Angel Card Reading – 11th February

By Carole Smith

This week’s Angel Card is from the Archangel Oracle pack by Doreen Virtue and is Spread Your Wings.  This is a beautiful card that is full of hope, fear, love and anticipation.

So many of us have brilliant ideas and plans for the future, spending hours planning, thinking of how it will be be when the ideas came to fruition but some of us never let ourselves get past the obstacles and challenges that life puts in the way. Some of these may be self belief issues – am I good enough? can I do it? people like me aren’t successful! That little voice in our head that we all have and one of our obstacles is quietening down that little voice.

This card is telling us that yes! you can do it, your goals and dreams are there to be to be reached and fulfilled and asks you not to hold back, you are ready to spread your wings and fly. The time is right to release all those fears and focus on the positive thoughts and embrace the future and the changes that are coming. Remember that moving forward with love for yourself, for others, and for what you do is the quickest way to open those wings and fly. Do not let other people’s fears hold you back, be the inspiration that will help them release their fears and be able to move forward as you are doing.

I wish you all an inspirational week filled with love, light and blessings.

Carole x

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