Your New Monthly Astrology Series – We start this month with The Planets and Retrogade

By Asha Kumari

Namaste, beautiful beings.

Its Asha Kumari here, with your monthly Astro-nutrition.

This month I want to share with you the sort of events and activities that can transpire when the ‘Personal’ Planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) go retrograde. Both Mercury and Venus are in retrograde motion right now!

Rewind, reflect, retrace, review, revalue, reconnect and reintegrate…, a few words that sum up the pace and themes of retrograde periods.

Living in a world of constant motion, retrograde time is our chance to take stock and audit the fruits of our values, ideas and actions

MERCURY:We frequently hear about Mercury in retrograde (Rx), not surprising really as this happens 3x per year and for approximately 3 weeks.

This can disrupt short distance travel, all modes of communication; mostly affecting day to day interactions and daily routines. Apparently, it is not advised to sign any contacts at this time (unless you have at least another 2 pairs of eyes to make sure every bit of information is understood correctly). Lost or delayed correspondence happens. A reassessment of how we communicate our thoughts and ideas with siblings, local neighbourhood or co workers is possible when Planet Mercury goes retrograde.

VENUS: Unlike Mercurys’ frequent retrograde transits, Venus retrogrades happen approx every 18 months and lasts about 40 days. During this time you can expect self worth, relationship & financial matters to require your reflective attention. Venus needs balance and harmony to operate at her best, so this is her time to look the books.

Are you giving too much of your energy to an unhealthy relationship? Or perhaps you aren’t giving enough attention to your beloved ones.

Do you still feel the pinch of a lost love? Is your self belief system sabotaging you in financial and relationship regards.  Expect situations that will encourage an overhaul of any imbalances found, enabling healthy activity to be restored.   Sometimes, this can mean a breakup makeup senerio that eventually leads to a permanent parting of ways. Don’t be surprised if you hear from an Ex… friend or partner!! Basically, the way we emotionally value, connect & interact with life is being inspected with our internal spotlight. On a final note…, women may feel more dissatisfied with their physical or home appearance when Venus retrogrades. However, as this feeling usually passes, makeovers are not advised during Venus retrograde, although researching new looks for either home or self is a good idea.

MARS: retrograde statistics, duration of 80 days every 24 months, the rarest Retrograding Planet.

It is time to internally regroup and reconsider the results of past physical actions or non-action.

Any hidden or ignored issues concerning unexpressed anger, sexual or past heavy handed behaviour will surface; perhaps due to some kind of fated event, designed to enable the healing process. Thereby gaining the healthy assertion of Mars energy, making it possible to go after your life desires in a confident manner. On the flipside, maybe you are not putting enough action in realizing your lifes desires, here too, expect a shot of adrenaline or fiery inspiration to get you moving.

Thank you Universe for giving us the chance to catch our breath and re-navigate our authentic paths with Retrograde season.

I hope you found this article helpful and interesting.

If you have any feedback or questions, I would like very much to hear from you.

Astrological love and gratitude to all.

Asha Kumari