Your Monthly Horoscopes – December 2018

By Martina Mercer

Welcome to your December 2018  monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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  Martina Mercer


ARIES Life isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’ ! Your goals help mould your sense of self-worth, as does your relationship to your colleagues, friends and family. So don’t fret if things aren’t going your way, especially during the winter months which can make you feel somewhat blue. Always remember, you have a good support network who will stand by you even if you are not feeling or giving your best.

TAURUS This can be quite a confusing month for Taureans. You won’t get what you want or need by keeping quiet. Speak up and in doing so you will deepen your relationships and you will finally come to realise your self-worth. Take a chance and make a choice, it can only go one of two ways … either rewards will be reaped or consequences suffered! Either way it’s all good, as an important long overdue lesson will be learned!

GEMINI December marks a time for breathing new energy and gain new insight into your connections. It is also a time for meeting potential new friends … just remember that not all that glitters is gold! Your presumptions about people can be as wrong as you assume are right. Trust is not immediate, it needs to be earned.

CANCER After a year of hard work and deep soul searching, it is time for you to finally move on by letting go of what no longer serves you. As a cardinal sign, you like things done your way, the proper way! But over this festive season ask for help, there are plenty of loved ones around who would jump at the chance to give back to you what you always give and do for them.

LEO After a year of overextending yourself you are probably feeling quite worn out. December is the time to take a step back and watch how things play out without your input. Allow opportunities to emerge organically. Although you prefer to be in control, sometimes it’s best to trust in and leave it to the Universe!

VIRGO Although December is a good time to set good intentions, it isn’t the time for making solid plans. Glean as much information as you can before making any important decisions. Eventually, you will need to step out of your comfort zone, make sure you do so with the purpose of looking at ways of improving your life which will feed your heart and not just your head or bank balance. Take some time out from worrying: Let your hair down and have some fun during the festive season.

LIBRA December is the time to embody the many changes you’ve been making on yourself and your life during 2018. You can expect some major developments around the full moon on 22nd December, so make up your mind about what you would like and how far you are willing to go to get or keep it.

SCORPIO It is time to reflect upon and re-evaluate the choices you made during 2018. It is far too easy to fall back to old habits, but they didn’t serve you well then and they won’t help in the future. Use what you’ve learned to better yourself in every area of your life. All is and will be well.

SAGITTARIUS December is the month to create happiness and joy in your life. Don’t worry what others think of you, it is none of your business. Others may be envious of you ability to create something out of nothing in business. Nevertheless, continue concentrating on the things that you are good at. Keep on keeping on!

CAPRICORN It’s going to be a joyous month preparing for the festive season. There will be a heightened emotional time around the full moon on 22nd December. Underlying anxieties in relationships will be brought to the surface, either yours or someone in your circle. Instead of flaring up, remain calm in the face of adversity and go with the flow.

AQUARIUS Any decisions you make really count this month. Take your time, don’t overextend yourself and work within your boundaries. Take some well deserved time out to enjoy with your friends and family. It’s been a rocky year and you need to relax and have fun!

PISCES December will be an exciting and fast-paced month! On the down side this means you could fall foul of forgetting to stay in touch with the important people in your life. Make sure you keep in touch with friends and loved ones, even if it’s just to say ‘hi’ via a short text.

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