Your Monthly Horoscope – March 2019

By Martina Mercer

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If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, March is the time to pace yourself or even take a much needed vacation. It is advisable to not resolve matters in haste and don’t jump to conclusions, as all is not what it seems. You can expect resolutions by reflecting on your own life experience and by realising and respecting your own motives and desires.


Compassionate and constructive growth are the main themes for Taureans during March. Yet, this change of mindset may also bring feelings of doubt on how to approach recent concerns. Change is on the cards and you can expect to receive offers of help when dealing with confusing matters. For the process to evolve, there may be some discomfort in stepping out of your comfort zone and even a feeling of wanting to get away for some peace of mind for a short while.


March is an advantageous time to reignite old dreams and make new plans.  For success, try not to become distracted by minor details. There is no need to completely dot every  ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ in your action plan towards your goals. Refine your vision so when you are given opportunities along the way you will have the tools to make the decisions whether they will actually benefit your design.


A major change in your personal life around the full Moon on 20th March will be nothing to fear. Letting go of something or someone won’t necessarily mean you will lose them entirely. You don’t have take full control of the situation, but make sure your decisions are made with integrity and are in line with your own standards.


Discord and opposing opinions are on the agenda during March. Confront adversity with gracious humility. Therein lies true strength of character. There is no need to win or prove you are right in every argument. In doing so, you get to show the same goodwill to yourself that you show to loved ones.


Your ruling planet, Mercury goes retrograde in your relationship house from 5th March. This will spark a change and feelings of uncertainty in you and your relationships. Do not hurry the process, as your feelings need to catch up with logic. Just be aware of how you put your opinions across and ask yourself whether you are really listening to those close to you.


Others around you are voicing their own limits and needs. As awkward as you care to admit, they are actually resonating with your own struggles with yourself. Take into account your emotional reactions; it is better to be honest about something you don’t like, then everyone knows where they stand.


To err is an unavoidable part of life. Before commencing with any new plan, think about how your choices impact those around you. Perfection isn’t expected, but responsibility for the actions of your intentions is. Standing up for yourself is encouraged, yet at times it is best to avoid being so defensive and realise that a simple apology is all that is needed to keep the peace.


Don’t give up! This is the time to accept your failures and successes without incrimination or excuses of how you got to this point in life. Take ownership of your mistakes and accomplishments, as they all contribute to your continuous growth along the pathway of life. During March, take note of opportunities that arise to help you go deeper, which in turn will push you to go further.


During March, the principal aim should be to take good care of yourself. It is time to ‘step-up’ without fretting about having anyone else’s approval. Although, you are your own ‘agent of change’, endeavour to work with others to produce the best results.


Opportunities appear that seem too good to be true and that’s exactly what they are! Important decisions need to be made, so endeavour to make choices from where you are ‘now’ and not from where you think you should be. Others will attempt to offer advice, but it will be from their life experience  and perspective, not yours.


The winds of change surround you and your current circumstances. Although the destination may be vague, avoid living in a world of emotional fantasy which will make you miss out on the bigger picture. The future is unpredictable; practising guided meditation will help you with the challenging choices you will be faced with.

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