Your Monthly Horoscope – April 2019

By Martina Mercer

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 Martina Mercer


April is the time for a major spring clean of your life. Get rid of what you don’t need to make way for what you dearly would like. Do this in one go and not in dribs and drabs to avoid creating situations which will need to be dealt with at a later date. You are in for a busy and exciting month, make sure you prioritise your own own needs first.


You might feel you want more out of life during April. If you are surrounded by love, family and friendship you are truly abundant, so appreciate how rich in life you truly are. Remember to count your blessings and not your stressings. Life isn’t just about money and material possessions. Convincing yourself that you don’t have enough just because you want more is not conducive to a happy state of being.


During April others may attempt to confuse you with mixed puzzling messages, which at times may question your own integrity. You tend to try to do the right thing for all, but during the coming weeks, endeavour to act in accordance with what is best for you. You are not in control of others’ opinions, judgements and decisions, so just remain true and faithful to your own morals and standards.


During April you are likely to be surrounded by and have to deal with many disagreements. Do your utmost to keep the peace, remain patient and if need be compromise with win-win scenarios. Treating people with kindness and empathy when upsets occur, will help you to remain within your own limits without relinquishing your integrity. Treat others as you would like to be treated, with love and respect.


Expect some uncertainty in your life during April, this isn’t a bad thing as you are continually growing and moving onto bigger and better things. Now isn’t the time to seek order. There is no stopping fate and destiny. Be receptive to all the opportunities that are coming your way as they will be worth your time and effort.


During April you may be likely to act in extreme ways with regards to relationships. This is not recommended, as whatever is going on around you is not actually your fault or personal to you. Those close to you are dealing with private matters which will need to be dealt with compassion, not judgement or how you would deal with issues compared to your own life experiences.


The Full Moon in Libra on 19th April brings many feelings up to the surface for you to face, own, forgive and let go of. Although the past has nothing new to say, you do need to refrain from using it against yourself to be able to deal with the here and now. Say what you feel and feel what you say so you can begin to manage your own self-development and future.


To those who have the privilege to get to get close to you know that Scorpios are very kind, generous, amenable, sensitive and would put others before themselves in most situations. April is not the time to do this! Trust your own instincts and do not allow the activities of others to prompt you to act in negative ways that compromises your own solid and staunch values. You make your own choices, so don’t hide behind a ‘they started it’ blame mentality.


During April certain circumstances may make you feel like you’re being knocked off balance. Your life path has shifted and this can be confusing. You have free will and are in charge of your own destiny. Slow down and centre yourself before making any important decisions with regards to your intentions which are relevant to the present moment in time.


As kind and accommodating as Capricorn’s are as friends, they can be hard task masters and run the risk of not being liked in the work place. Their philosophy is they are paid to work, not to sit around chatting. This is fine if fellow workers hold the same school of thought, but not for those who do not strive to work as hard. As a promotion is on the cards; remember that when in a position of power, to be your kind and approachable self.  To earn respect from co-workers, you don’t need to prove your worth as that naturally shines through.


You have taken on too much during recent months both in your personal and business lives. Whilst some things have progressed very fast, others have moved far too slow or have come to a complete standstill. All the hard work has definitely paid off as you are about to move up a notch due to coming to the end of a fundamental period of growth. During April, the advice is to slow down and take some time out for some well earned rest and respite.


During April make sure you dance to the beat of your own drum. There is no need to hasten to tell everyone about the changes you have slowly been making over the last few months. Learning to trust yourself and feeling comfortable with doing things your own way and in your own time is the key to recognising and feeling as successful as you have become.