Your Monthly Astrology Series – The Planets and Retrogade – Part 2

By Asha Kumari

Namaste, beautiful beings.

I’m Asha Kumari, bringing you your monthly Astrology knowledge. This amazing tool gave me the spiritual nutrition I was lacking, & I’ve been passionate about its virtues ever since…

So, we are going to continue on with the second part of ‘How retrograde planets affect us’. In the previous article, I explained the meanings of what happens when the personal planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) turn retrograde, the type of experiences that we may face, which will instigate our reflective reviewing on how our personal affairs are being handled, & in what way they can be improved upon.

This time, the giant outer planets Jupiter & Saturn, get a chance to explain the purpose of their retrograde movements, & the types of experiences that will test your beliefs systems & your boundaries.

As I write, both Saturn & Jupiter are in retrograde…

JUPITER- retrogrades (Rx) for 120 days or 4 months every year.
Jupiter or Lord Jupiter as I like to address the planet, is the part of us that governs our higher mind knowledge (gnosis), connected to our inner guru/guidance.
Faith, growth, wider vision, optimism, self belief & our ability to interact with all that is foreign to us, are some of factors that are said to belong to beneficial Jupiter.

So then, what can we expect from the Lord of faith during its retrograde period? Well, we can expect a grand test of our inner beliefs as our external environment starts to hamper our lucky opportunities for growth.

You may also become aware of overconfidence, & how that too can be damaging.
A fine example of this can be seen clearly with the recent lockdown we all faced & may face again.
Cultivating a strong & trusting connection with your inner guru is the true purpose of Jupiter in retrograde (Rx). In times of lack you can support yourself & others with a healthy wider vision.

SATURN – retrogrades (Rx) 140 days or 4.5 months every year.
Saturn or Lord Saturn, represents Our inner authority, a solid bedrock within ourselves, the self contained hermit & the keeper of time & deeds.
In charge of boundaries, rules, structure & order, as well as traditions; Lord Saturn is the part of us that is patient and practical. Placing temporary limitations on us that are designed to encourage hard work & maturity.

During Saturns retrograde time, the emphasis is on our relationship with our inner authority; as the external authorities may be lacking at this time, or the rules of governed society may become too strict ( leaving us with the feeling of being restrained). Remember, Lord Saturn adjusts us to the practical and realistic. Discipline if a key word here and the correct use of self disciplines will reveal rewards of solid abundance.

Long lasting dreams need the vison & faith of Jupiter & the practical proficiency of Saturn, to bring those dreams & visions into real life!

On a final note, I would like to thank our amazing & magical universe for always having our back with divine support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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   Asha X