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Astrology by Martina Mercer

Welcome to January 2018  monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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During the first two decans of January, the position of Venus makes you become more discriminating when it comes to kinship and guides your attention toward people who are worthy of appreciation, especially those who can help you attain your goals.

The configuration of the planets in January is very motivating for Aries, and can make for crucial accomplishments with regards to money, business and earnings resulting from partnerships.

Nevertheless, this period emphasises tension, sloppiness and an inclination toward excesses.  Therefore, try not to spend more than you earn and don’t be impulsive when it comes to any money-related decisions!


With Mars and Jupiter arousing your senses during January, you can expect a turbulent love life, seasoned with eruptions of emotionality, passion and demonstrative gestures of affection.

With regards to career, January is highly favourable for Taureans, as long as you carefully evaluate your resources and risks as the planetary positions give you the driving force, but could also make you lose control. You will stay roughly on course and have the needed persistence to complete your tasks.

To help you relax, learn something new by attending some courses or perhaps read that book you have been meaning to for a while!


A cycle that started in November comes to an end during the first decan of January, during this time you would have learned significant lessons with regards to your love life. Moving forward, things will be much simpler and more direct than they were during November and December.

January is a very active month from a vocational stance and will accomplish much. There is an increase of money-related interests, either through investments, loans, inheritance or a more significant interaction with organisations like banks or insurance companies.

Try not to stress about the small details! Concentrate on what’s essential and keep smiling!


During January Cancerians’ love life reaches unforeseen heights, the amorous drive is so intense that it attracts possibilities with romantic potential. The power of your passion is unstoppable. Nevertheless, it is best to keep a handle on things and keep in mind your responsibilities.

During this month, the prominence is on interactions with people around you: partnerships, team work, connections, and contracts, but also contests and rivalries or (worst case scenario) litigations or challenges. But luck comes from where you least expect it. So crawl out of your shell and have some fun!


During January, Leo’s focus is directed towards your professional life and responsibilities.  Things can seem tougher at the moment, but will produce satisfying and worthwhile results. You will find that you’re working hard, but your efforts won’t be fruitless.

This is a good time for investments and real-estate or for refurbishing a house! It is also a good time to resolve any health issues, especially those which you have been neglecting for a while. Try to resist anything in excess.


January is an extraordinary month, all obstructions, fears, and timidity are surmounted! The planetary positions induce your romantic drive and portends towards love pursuits.

This month also brings new opportunities. It is time to let loose all of the talents you possess or perhaps discover new ones. Your thinking is deeper, meaning that you can flourish in any pursuit involving communication, intellect, and logical argument. Nevertheless, try not to say more than is necessary and don’t say things you might regret in anger!


During the first part of January you feel the need for seclusion and take some time out to concentrate on your family and home-life. Practicality rules overrules emotions.

But once you are fully rested, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction from Libra’s house of money intensifies your business sense and propels you to seek new ways of improving your income. Although, try not to squander money or spend willy nilly as you really need to think about the things you intend to buy or invest.

The latter part of January would be a good time to visit relatives or organise a fun gathering.


During January passion and the spirit of conquest are at their optimum with regards to romanticism! You also take the initiative, are feeling courageous, and can now begin an epic and ambitious undertaking. You feel inspired, are motivated to assert yourself and to prove what you are capable of achieving! The probability that you will be highly successful in your endeavours, both romantically and vocationally!

Things are dynamic when it comes to earning money, you will be very busy in this area. When it comes to communicating, be more compliant, listen to others’ points of view, negotiate and find a compromise!


During the first decan of January the complicated cycle of Mercury retrograde is now over and things return to normal. Certain facts about relationships should have come to light and you should bear those in mind in order to have lasting and more compatible relationships.

Your attention will be diverted to making your work more profitable or finding a way to increase your earnings, or you may be inclined to get involved in various business transactions. Either way, you can to expect both fortunate moments and delays. With this in mind, you will be more inclined make some important decisions during the second decan of the month.

If you have any enemies, keep them close, as they might be out to get you! And try not to make any either!


With Venus in Capricorn, the first two decans of January are favourable for love, joy and harmony. You are blessed with grace and physical attraction. Your presence is sought after. Good understanding, tenderness, and optimism rule your love life.

You will feel like socialising more and widening your social circle, which, in turn increases the likelihood of meeting a new love or having a good time with your loved one.

With many planets in Capricorn during January you feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to, especially if you are more open to cooperation, business relationships and any group interests.


During the first two decans of January, you might feel the need to retreat to recharge your batteries. There may be a feeling of alienation or dissatisfaction, particularly during the second decan.

The good news is that the third decan is auspicious as you will feel full of optimism, cheerful and have a good understanding of what is going on around you. Good fortune will bring favourable circumstances your way, and if you’re looking for happiness, it will appear!

Professionally, you can take a firm stand with others and from that, enjoy gratifying financial success. But don’t let that success go to your head and watch your back as there could be some enviousness surrounding you! Therefore, try to be reserved and restrained when dealing with others, especially in the workplace.


From a professional point of view January, is dynamic and fruitful month. You are full of ambitions and future plans. You are motivated to construct and move forward long-term plans in all areas of your life: journeys, long-distance collaborations, technology, studies, research and spirituality. You sense a need to widen your horizons and you should make the most of these feelings in order to evolve professionally and gain money-related success. Be aware, that around middle of January you might have to get over or around an obstacle put in your way.

Think long and hard before making any important decisions regarding your position in a particular group.


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