Weekly Astrology Card Reading 19th- 25th February 2021

By Asha Kumari

We are very pleased to bring you this week’s Astrology Card Reading by Asha Kumari. Due to technology problems there is no video this week just a written transcript but Asha will be back on Friday with a video reading as normal. We do, as always thank Asha for allowing us to bring you this reading.

Venus energy influences every Friday. Our earthly pleasures, devotion & one to one relationships including the one with ourselves. With Venus we have the Tarot Oracle The star borne from This days date 10.2.2021 =17. Our message here is of Hope & Faith that will light our way… A beautiful background flavour to this week’s reading. Sagittarius leads with his inspiration energy of faith & superior confidence, this is strong male energy of our Higher Mind. Good mind instinct is needed now. We also have the Moon in this week’s reading, our Intuition is called upon too this week. And these energies flank the 10th House area of life… It is time to be seen & heard. Whatever we want to achieve most in life right now is highlighted & so this card & the energy influence of our supporting cast urges us to make progress in this area of life this week. A divine week ahead of seen progress.. I hope you enjoy this week’s forecast. Consider what resonates & leave what doesn’t. I will be back next week with voice.


Hello,  I’m Asha Kumari and I’m a spiritual nutritionist. I help beautiful beings become whole  

with the help of  spiritual guidance and with the assistance of Astrology reading cards and birth/natal chart reading.

Nature needs us to be whole again and astrology can truly and practically help with that.

You can email me at rosiegarden@mail.com

You can find me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/astrotarotasha

Look forward to seeing you next week

 Asha Kumari