Weekly Astrology Card Reading 14th-20th August 2020

By Asha Kumari

We are happy to bring you this week’s Astrology Card Reading by Asha Kumari. Unfortunately Asha has no voice this week so we are unable to bring you a video version of the reading but all the information is below from Asha. We hope that her voice will have returned by next week and normal videos will be back next Friday. We would like to wish Asha a speedy recovery of her missing voice.
Weekly AstroGood Friday Beautiful People. I’m Asha Kumari here with my wonderful guides, bringing you your weekly Astrology Reading…,
We have Taurus ♉ energy reminding us that a productive, earthy & relaxed approach is necessary to bring in those big (11th house) charity dreams & connections. The challenge here (Saturn) is to keep in mind that the Universe 🌌 works and provides in its own timescale. Trust is the Wisdom of this Week!
Make the best of Fridays by wearing beautiful flowers on your clothing, sharing cakes and sweets, giving to charities & by thinking and feeling grateful for the blessings you already have!
Until next week (hopefully with voice) my guides and myself wish wellbeing to you all.
Asha Kumari.
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