Ways to Include Pets in Weddings

By Rox (UK) Ltd

As every wedding offers a memorable and unique experience, it comes as no surprise that incorporating pets at weddings is the hottest trend for couples. Not only does it make the day more personable, but it always cherished furry family members to be a part of the special day. From celebrating with pawsecco to walking down the aisle, our friends at ROX have helped us create a list of how to incorporate your pets during your special day.

Celebrating your wedding with delicious food and drinks doesn’t have  to be just for humans, as your pets can take part in the celebrations with pawsecco and treaties made just for them! Pawsecco is alcohol-free pet “wine,” developed by experts and vet-approved, so it’s the perfect celebration drink for your pet.

Include your pet in your wedding ceremony by having them walk down the aisle with flowers on their collars, or even have them carry the wedding rings. To add an original touch to your wedding, dogs, horses, cats, goats and even alpacas have been known to grace wedding ceremonies across the UK in recent years.

For more cute ways to include pets at weddings, check out this guide from ROX, the diamond and watch specialists.


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