This Month’s Angel Card Reading – New Beginnings

Karma Violet

This month’s Angel Card is  NEW BEGINNINGS, a beautiful card with positive vibrations. This card reminds us that life is a series of beginnings and endings. some small whilst others are major and completely life-changing.

This beautiful Angel has her face towards the Light, her face is calm and serene with the knowledge that things are changing and that a bright new beginning is about to happen. The flowers that she holds are beautiful and represent the blossoming future in front of her. She has the knowledge that the flowers that she holds have come from her garden where she has sown the seeds, tended the plants until they bloomed ready for cutting.

Sometimes we have to sow, nurture and love our plans and ideas before they come to fruition and our new beginnings open up. Patience seems to be the word that is coming through for me while writing this reading, we have to finish the phases of our life, learning our lessons as we go. I feel that there is a very positive phase coming up for all of us, a wonderful new beginning of the ideas and wishes that we have dreamed of and have kept dreaming about them as we now begin to watch them blossom into the next chapter.

For some of you, I feel this is a new home or a new business but for others, it’s the coming together of a new way of life or a new lifestyle change.

I hope you all have a fabulous month, I shall be back next month with another Angel Card Reading.

With love and Blessings

Carole x


Carole Smith


Karma Violet
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