This Month’s Angel Card Reading by Carole Smith

I was drawn to publishing a Monthly Angel Card Reading as I used to do and today being 1st of August felt like it was the perfect day to start.

I have been unwell and not able to work very much for a little while but I am now back at the keyboard and ready to move forward. Again this was another reason I felt today was the right day to start doing these readings again, and when I drew this month’s card saw that indeed my intuition was correct.

The card I have drawn is FREYA – Phases and Cycles, from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. Freya is all about endings and beginnings and also about illusions being revealed and released. This beautiful card tells us that we are moving further forward into the changing times around us not just personally but around our planet too.

Over the last three to four years there have been so many difficult times for us all, with the pandemic and the chaos that brought to everyone in some way or another. There are many people that still are suffering from the effects of the pandemics and in a large percentage of cases has affected the mental health of us all.

As I tune into this card I feel that there are a lot of changes for all of us on a personal level, and some things that have changed our lives will never be the same again, this doesn’t mean that these changes are all negative, for many thinking outside the box as we have had to do has brought positive new ways of doing things. We appear to be pulling ourselves into a more gentle outlook on our planet. We are beginning to think about looking after ourselves and our planet in a more natural mindful way. Maybe not taking our planet for granted, stopping to appreciate the flowers and food that grows from it.

The words on this card are “Phases and Cycles – There is a beginning within every ending. Illusions are revealed and released” When I think what has happened over these changing times I feel the Illusions are very important and as we move forward there will be many an illusion that is opened and the reason for it revealed. Freya will help us all with seeing the new beginnings in our personal lives as well as the energies surrounding our planet.

We need to trust our guides, our angels and Spirit to show the way forward and we need to remember that the moon throws shadows and sometimes that’s all there is there a shadow where light cannot reach. Shine your beautiful light on these areas and help release any darkness, by doing this we will release all those illusions and our lives will be better for it, as will our planet and our Universe.

With Love and Blessings


Carole Smith