The Wonderful Harmony of Rose Quartz

The Strong and Gentle Crystal

Another one of my favourite crystals is the beautiful Rose Quartz a pink quartz crystal whose main meaning is about love, harmony and gentleness and also brings with it the vibration of love whether it is self-love or romantic love.  A Feminine stone that resonates with the Goddess Energy Rose quartz is symbol of the energy of love, peace and harmony.

It can be very effective in helping personal relationships heal as well as an emotional healing from within. It is linked with the Heart Chakra which in itself is linked to the Heart and all the emotional and physical feelings and symptoms that are linked.

Rose Quartz is also a stone whose powerful love will resonate to the whole body and heal all chakras, not just the Heart Chakra. The energy of the love it resonates is all encompassing, love for yourself, your partner, your children, your community and the whole world.

They are a birthstone for Taurus and jewellery would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present for any Taurean.

It may be translucent or transparent, although most pieces are fairly opaque. All colours and types have excellent healing qualities and the colours range from very pale pink through to deep pink, and all have that wonderful loving vibration. Deposits have been found in Madagascar, India, Japan and Brazil, as well as in South Africa and South Dakota in the USA.

There is also a variety called Strawberry Rose Quartz, and many of these are deeper coloured stones, but they can vary to a lighter very beautiful orangey pink stones.

My favourite Rose Quartz can be bought either polished which is smooth or in a raw or rough state, this is my favourite. I love all crystals in their natural or rough state, for me there is something special when holding a piece of rough crystal no matter what the type of crystal it is.

The properties of Rose Quartz are many and varied but one of the main reasons that I use this crystal both in my home and in my Reiki Healing is its healing and harmony properties.

I always have a piece at the side of my bed and in my lounge to bring harmony to my home but it will do the same for your office, your car and for any room in your house. A piece of rose quartz in the corners of your room will promote a feeling of peace, harmony and wellbeing.

Rose Quartz as a  heart chakra stone has a major impact is in the area of the heart as it is able to assist in physical problems as it has a lovely balancing energy on the heart chakra organs. It is such a warm gentle stone that it will help on all levels of emotional imbalance, anxiety and depression.

It can stimulate the thymus chakra also known as the higher heart chakra, together with the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, and bring their vibrations into line with that of the heart as they resonate as one, with the vibration of love and compassion, as a wonderful healing takes place. This will improve your self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence and leave you feeling in harmony.

I love the way that Rose Quartz helps you to let go of tension, resentment, anxiety and is one of the ways to help you let go of stress and that just being around the stone, or keeping a piece in your pocket can bring this relief or even stop the build-up of these emotions in the first place.

Any old inner child issues associated with love or relationships may be healed by the energy of Rose quartz and once again having it in a room, wearing it as jewellery or carrying a small piece is all you need for the healing to take place.


Using this crystal will enable you to heal old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy that may result from past experiences.

Rose Quartz can free you from feelings of being trapped and hemmed in and that you can expand your imagination and discover how to be happy.

It is easy to buy Rose quartz, in many different forms, including rough rose quartz crystals or tumble stones, which are relatively inexpensive and are easy to acquire.

Holding a piece of Rose Quartz in your hand while speaking aloud, will enhance the use of positive affirmations  A Rose Quartz pendulum is  powerful, as it expands the energy available to you while using it.

I often use Rose Quartz in meditation and I always use crystals when working with Reiki, unless a client would rather I didn’t.

They will enable you to heal old negative emotions that you have not let go of, such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy from past experiences and it will allow me to rebalance and recharge your wellbeing.

Law of Attraction tells us that everything is love and when you become truly loving, and live from your heart, your life will improve for the better. The wonderful Rose Quartz will allow promote these feelings within you helping make a positive difference to your life.

I just love all my crystals, but everyone should have a piece of Rose Quartz a true crystal of Harmony.

Next time I will tell you all about the beautiful yellow Crystal – Citrine….. The Merchant Stone.

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