The UK Launch of The Lamborghini URUS 26th March 2018

Last night we were invited to the UK launch of the new awesome Lamborghini URUS.  The launch was set in a beautiful country estate in West Sussex.

The URUS is a new concept, a Super Sport Utility Vehicle that transforms into a comfortable saloon in city traffic.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as the venue began to fill with supporters and  prospective buyers. The covered car stood proudly at the far end of the Barn ready for the reveal as everyone stood around waiting for the main event to take place.

In the meantime there were refreshments on hand including fresh Italian Pizzas, glasses of Prosecco or Elderflower and Italian Beer.

Eventually there was an announcement that the launch was about to start and the excitement and the voices began to rise even more with people waiting in anticipation.

After a couple of short speeches of welcome from the General Manager of  Lamborghini Sevenoaks Andrew Griffin and the UK representative of the Automobili Lamborghini Team there were two videos of the URUS in action over different terrains. The videos were exciting, thrilling, fast moving with lots of information and mesmerising. they made you feel that you wanted to test drive the car right there and then.

Then came the moment of truth, the unveiling of the car. All the spotlights were on the car as the cover was slowly pulled off revealing the beautiful blue URUS standing proudly for all to see. Phones being used to take photos from every angle for the rest of the evening, people queuing to get close to the car or to sit inside.

The inside is as beautiful as you would expect it to be with every accessory you could want.

The URUS can go from 0-100 kmh in just 3.6 seconds, 0-200 kmh in 12.8 seconds and has a top speed of 305 kmh.

It was a truly magnificent car and I know that both Lesley and myself just loved it. We would like to say a special thank you to Simon Jodrell from Lamborghini Sevenoaks for the invitation. If you would like more information on the URUS then click the link below to Lamborghini Sevenoaks





  1. Good evening Vidal. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the blog. We do have to agree with you, it is a beautiful car. We have passed your comment and enquiry to Simon Jodrell at Lamborghini Sevenoaks and asked him to contact you direct.

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