The Busy Modern Women’s Saviour!

By Dianne Janes

My name is Dianne and I own Dianne Jane’s.

In this modern fast world we live in every minute we can save each day is a bonus. Imagine not having to apply your eyeliner or spend ages in front of the mirror drawing in eyebrows. Wouldn’t it be lovely to go to the gym or for a swim and not worry about eyeliner running or brows disappearing? Read on and discover what I think could be called the busy modern women’s saviour!

I’m a semi-permanent make up technician. Micropigmentation as its sometimes called is the method of applying colour pigment into the skin to create a natural looking make up effect.

The pigment is applied to the top layers of the skin; unlike a tattoo which goes much deeper, using a machine containing very small needles which penetrate the top layers depositing the pigment at the correct depth and thus creating the perfect brows, eyeliner or lip liner.

I carry out the treatments in three appointments; consultation, where colour and shape are discussed and decided and a skin patch test is done to check for allergies. After this, time can be arranged to have the procedure done .This takes about 1-2 hours. I use a topical anaesthetic cream to ensure client comfort at all times. The last appointment is made 4-6 weeks after as around 40% of the colour can be lost due to the bodies natural exfoliation and a top-up may be required.

The end result – beautiful brows, eyeliner or lip liner that requires no maintenance apart from maybe a yearly top up.

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