The Brighton Marathon – The Day Finally Arrived – Melissa Mungovan

I finally completed it, after 3 postponements, I finally ran the Brighton marathon! And due to an error measuring the course, I actually ran further than a marathon; 26.70 rather than 26.2! Total sponsorship raised for the British Heart Foundation is £1245

The weather was beautiful, (maybe a little warmer than I’d like) and the views and the crowds made such a difference. The first 15 miles felt good, then it seemed to get tougher with each mile, but I finished strong. Having my Husband and best friends cheering near the finish line was amazing and I’m very proud to say I’m a ‘Marathoner’, one of the 1% of the population! Although I may be a ‘one and done’, I’m so glad I decided to challenge myself. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my story; wish me luck!

If you would like to support this fantastic cause, please click on the link to my Just Giving page;

Thanks for taking the time to read this update.