Ten Top Tips For Staying Sane During The Current Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For most of us, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the main topic of conversation. And yes we do need to heed government advice, take the precautions recommended without panicking.

Self-care should be a top priority at this time. We all know, you can’t pour from an empty vessel so being a great believer in holistic medicine I have spoken to Fiona Dilston a Registered Homeopath and Counsellor. Here are her Top Ten Tips for Staying Sane during the current pandemic.

1.   Make sure you are in bed by a decent time for you and switch off the internet, if you can put your phone outside of the bedroom do so. Don’t keep checking social media or looking at news websites every few minutes.

2.  Are you drinking enough water? dehydration is something which can heighten stress.

3.  Have the things around you that make you feel good, the better you feel the less chance you are going to get low and anxious. Anxiety and stress literally lower your immunity and running on adrenaline is not a longterm option.

4.  Tend those house plants, move furniture round if you need to improve or create a home-working space. Create a nurturing and practical space for yourself this will make you feel better.

5.  Wear clothes that lift your spirits and if you are stuck at home because you need to self-isolate don’t slob around in pyjamas unless you are ill.

6.  Eat well, leafy greens, protein and root vegetables are a great starting place. When you cook consider cooking double or triple amounts so that you have enough to freeze. This is making the most of your personal resources.

7.  Conserve your personal energy and do what keeps you in a good and useful place. This means saying NO when you need to and being kind to yourself.

8.  Choose the people you connect with carefully …if you know that someone can “bring you down” it is sensible to minimise contact with them and you are doing them a favour too by taking control.

9.  If you cannot get out it is important to still do some exercise. Find a video on You Tube or if you have that treadmill or exercise bike in the corner of the room now is the time to dust them off and use them for their intended purpose.

10.  And last but not least, reach out if you are struggling, call that friend or hop onto Skype or Zoom for a chat and a virtual coffee.

Times like this can bring old issues to the fore and a listening ear and some practical ideas and resources for you and your health on all levels can be really helpful. Consider using this time to address those issues that may have been niggling at you for a long time.

Please do get in touch if you want to address the stuff that is pecking at your head. She has over twenty years experience of working with people in a therapeutic capacity and working with the body-mind connection using Homeopathy, counselling and EFT tapping.

Here’s the link to her booking calendar, book yourself a free fifteen minutes and see how you could work together to get you in the best place to weather this situation.

Fiona Dilston PGDHom RHom
Registered Homeopath and Counsellor

Fiona Dilston Training MCMA (school membership of Complementary Medicine Assoc )