Should I Cleanse My Crystals And If So How Do I Do It

Having Crystals around the house can be just for decoration, some of them are so beautiful we are just happy to have them around our houses, homes, offices and special places. Others we buy for healing, protection or another specific use but it really doesn’t matter which reason you are buying and collecting them it only matters that you have them if you feel that you love having them around.

Do you ever think about cleansing them? We dust our ornaments, hoover our carpets wash our clothes but what about our Crystals. Do we need to cleanse them? Will they still work if we don’t cleanse them? Apart from collecting a little dust from time to time crystals can also collect energetic ‘dust’ and vibrations which does need cleansing on a regular basis.

So, how can we cleanse our crystals without causing them harm?

The following methods are very effective for cleansing crystals but care should be taken when cleansing delicate crystals as the can be damaged.

Some crystals are natural cleansers and do not require cleansing, these include Amethyst, Selenite, Kyanite, Sulphur, Citrine, Diamond, Fulgurite and Herkimer Diamonds.  Amethyst Cluster Beds are very effective in cleansing other crystals and also crystal jewellery etc. To cleanse smaller crystals or your crystal jewellery they can be placed on the crystal bed leaving them on the cluster for 24 hours. This is a nice easy method of cleansing if you only have a few crystals.

There are some crystals that will damage in water and so should be cleansed by another means. The types of crystals not to be cleansed with water are:  Halite, Rock Salt, Sulphur, Selenite, Adamite, Vanadalite, Vanadite, Azurite, Fibrous Malachite, Desert roses, Fulgurite, Wavellite. If you try and cleanse any of these crystals with water you will end up without your crystals as they are all water soluble and therefore will dissolve to nothing in the water.

Sun & Water

Hold crystals under running water and dry them in the sun. Please ensure that you do not use water soluble crystals.

Moon & Water

Leave a bowl of water in the light of a full moon overnight and use this water to cleanse the crystals in. Please ensure you do not use water soluble crystals.


Hold crystal within the smoke of a sage smudge stick or an incense stick until you feel the crystal has cleansed. A piece of Palo Santo wood is also a really lovely way to cleanse them. Palo Santo is a mystical tree from South America and has a fragrance of pine,lemon and mint, it has been used for thousands of years for cleansing and healing.


A singing bowl, gong or tuning fork can be used with the crystals, the vibration of the sound will cleanse the crystals.


Take a deep breath and blow out over the crystals whilst imaging the negative energy being blown away. Repeat until you feel the crystal has been cleansed.

Sea Salt

Use dry sea salt and bury the crystals for 2 hours in a small container. Do not use salt water as this will damage the soft crystals. Please be extremely careful with which crystals you use with sea salt as very soft crystals could be damaged or scratched with the roughness of the sea salt.


Place crystals on a large crystal cluster for 24 hours and the cluster will cleanse them naturally.


You can bury crystals in your garden or pots of earth for 24 hours to cleanse and re-energise them but be sure to mark the area so you find them easily again.


Those of you that are Reiki Practitioners a lovely way to cleanse your crystals is to cleanse them with your reiki. I love to cleanse my crystals in this way as I find the gentle energy of the Reiki is just perfect for using on my crystals.

I hope that you have enjoyed finding out about cleansing your crystals. If you would like to know more or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carole Smith

Karma Violet

Mobile: 07909513500