Our New Community Corner and its First Charity – Havens Food Cooperative – Fighting Waste, Feeding Communities

Carole Smith

We are delighted to tell you that we have decided to add a Community Corner to Cala Conversations. We will be featuring local charities and what they are doing within their area.

We are starting this week with Havens Food Cooperative who are based in Denton, they are on a mission to help food waste and to help the community with food. They are aiming to prevent 1 ton of supermarket food from being sent to landfill each week and much more.

I went to visit the team at Havens and to see how it all works, and was amazed at just how hard they are working to to save waste and help with feeding over 100 households each day.

Rebecca, the Manager has agreed to write a piece for Cala Conversations to explain how it all works and also how you could become a volunteer to help grow this amazing charity.

I found everyone at Havens really friendly and helpful. They made me feel very welcome and I noticed they were just the same to anyone who came into the office.

We shall be bringing you regular updates on how it is all going in Denton and how they can help everyone in the community and in turn how we can help them.

Havens Community Hub, 2A Thompson Road, Denton BN9 0RS


Email: havensfoodcoop@gmail.com

Tel: 01273 918226