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There’s a lot of work ahead for Arians during March, and once Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on the 22nd, the tasks will be more challenging to accomplish. During March, it may be tempting to take on other people’s conflicts as your own, but that’s not the only way to show allegiance, nor is it the goodhearted way. Be there for those whom you want to support and promote, and let your actions speak for themselves.


It’s tempting to be so materialistic that you don’t have faith in what you cannot comprehend, but that’s a difficult way to live. All things grow in cycles, and what looks like inactivity can be the moment before the most resplendent burst of growth. Have faith in yourself and trust that there’s a bigger picture than the one you can presently see. You are on the right path to where you hope to be, even if the evidence isn’t forthcoming at the moment.


Some people and certain situations are likely to activate some deep and even unconscious emotions in Gemini’s this month. Spend time with your loved ones or even visit a therapist to examine what’s really going on inside your head. You may find yourself struggling with some paranoid feelings, and although it is fine to have them, it isn’t advisable to act on them. This month can mark a serious crossroads for you or a time when you unwittingly revive past memories and dramas. Stay present and work to resolve any situations from a good place in your heart.


There’s so much happening and going on in your life that you may be finding it difficult to keep up with everything. This month will be like a theatrical play in two acts – before the New Moon on the 17th you’re meant to turn within and confront your anxieties.  Examine the things you have been putting off dealing with, and recognise them. And after the 19th forwards, you’re on call to make sincere changes. Be courageous and do the right thing, even though it might not be so easy.


The truth is real, whether you like it or not. This month you can try to find a solution to the things that have been getting you down, but no matter how hard you try it won’t really change anything. Try to cultivate acceptance of even the most challenging realities. But before making any necessary radical changes, clarify where you’re starting from or you will just end up redirecting what hasn’t been working for you.


March begins with a Full Moon in Virgo, and then on the 22nd your ruling planet, Mercury, goes Retrograde. This means that your emotions and your thought process are likely to become higgledy-piggledy, making it difficult to know whether you’re coming or going. You need to make careful choices based on both your emotions and material needs. But thoughts need to be processed deliberately and mindfully so that you make the best, most sustainable choices this month.


Some deep reactions that you didn’t see coming connected to relationships could be activated this month. To better understand what your feelings are comprised of try to evaluate them instead of showing a knee-jerk reaction. In reality, what bothers you about others tells you more about yourself than it does about the other person. For the best outcome, pay attention to the patterns that seem to be repeating themselves in your relationships, be they family, friends, work colleagues or your partner.


Although, competition and rivalry are motivating and can be a source of excitement and inspiration, there’s absolutely no value in concerning yourself  about what you think others are doing, or not doing if the case may be. There’s no direct correlation between what others have and what you can have. The most important thing is to manage your own success and let others get on with their own lives. The achievements and failures of others can assist you in forging your own abundant path ahead, and not deviate away from it.


Relationships can be complex, but one thing is for certain, people are generally not mind readers so don’t expect them to know what your thinking or feeling. If you’re unhappy with certain situations, you need to take stock of what you’ve been telling those around you, as your friends and colleagues aren’t meant to be your own personal soothsayers. Be absolutely clear about what you’re going to say and do this month or you’ll end up disappointed, annoyed and annoying to those around you.


If you pile too much work on your plate this month you will have less energy to do the tasks really well. So instead of working yourself into the ground determine what you need prioritise so that you can excel in the projects and people you most care most about. Focus on your most winning plans and opportunities for the optimum results.


This month your insecurities are badgering you, filling your head with a prevailing sense of doom. The good news is that your worries and anxieties are mistaken, but it will take some convincing to stop the negative voices circumnavigating in your mind. Some positive mental action is called for, when a negative thought pops in, observe it, let it go and replace with a good memory or something you are looking forward to doing, like planning or going on a vacation. In order to be successful; you only need to commit to taking care of yourself and be prepared no matter what life throws at you. Always remember to make good choices in the face of  pessimistic feelings.


During March chose to be selective. You don’t have to do everything for everyone in order to get what you need. Quality over quantity, as it is time to do your best (opposed to your most) this month. The New Moon in your sign on the 17th is a favourable time for you to clarify, prioritise and commit time and actions to your goals. You need to take some quality time out to determine what you really think, feel, or need before you move forward with your plans.


February 2018

Aries : 21 March – 20 April

During February you feel ambitious and inspired to motivate yourself to set challenging goals in your work life, which will work in your favour as you are lucky, popular and surrounded by the support of good people.

You will do exceptionally well working within groups that share mutual interests. If single may be a chance encounter with a new love interest within one of these groups.

Money flows well during February, but try to be less extravagant during the second and third decans.

This is a good time to start a new professional undertaking!

Taurus : 21 April – 21 May

The first decan of February brings achievements and success. This is due to your determination, being sure of what you want and using your excellent negotiating skills.

Your interest in material possessions is very strong and you can make a lot of money through buying and selling. But don’t rush in if you want to make a huge investment or take out a big loan, weigh the pros and cons before doing so.

Get out and about to make new friends and acquaintances!

Gemini : 22 May – 21 June

During February, joint forces and team work are very important for your professional life. But keep a watch out for rivalries and competition from those who do not have your best interests at heart.

Challenges motivate and push you forward towards wider horizons and long-distance journeys.

Although money comes your way without much effort, it needs to be handled with care.

Utilise your innate imaginative and creative abilities in your working life!

Cancer : 22 June – 22 July

During February, you have good business initiative; are filled with much energy and a strong drive to do a good job. You are inspired by action. If you would like to make some changes in your line of work, now would be a good time. You may have to be prepared for an emergency, in which you will have to take charge to resolve the situation.

You could be in line to receive a sponsorship, a gift or some other material good fortune, but be cautious when dealing with banks, the tax department or other financial institutions.

Take a short break and/or begin a new hobby.

Leo : 23 July – 22 August

During February, collaborations and team work lead to the road to success.

Although you have true leadership attributes, you can move up the vocational ladder much faster if you work with and alongside others. Colleagues from your professional environment recognise your worth and abilities, so there’s no need to put on any airs and graces.

Use your creativity in order to better your home or increase your comfort!


Virgo : 23 August – 23 September

The position of the planet Venus during February brings love and much luck to Virgo’s.

An unanticipated event can occur that will lead you towards something different. Positive developments are initiated by a journey, a meeting, a conversation or an interchange of messages which leads to the beginning of a new project or even a change of job.

Companions and the support of your partner bring you money, provided you do not fall for appearances and you keep your eye on the ball. Also keep your wits about you when it comes to investments.

Now is the time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer have any use for!


Libra : 24 September – 23 October

During February your mind is working overtime and you get big bold ideas that need to be put instantaneously into practice.

You’re even more persuasive than usual and your words are enchanting and full of inspiration. You move around a lot during February, making contact with many people and beginning new collaborations. Your creativity and innate talents shine through, and luck comes your way unexpectedly.

During conversations, try not to rush to conclusions or become stubborn when it comes to having the last word in an argument!


Scorpio : 24 October – 22 November

February is a glorious month for romance, love and even marriage!

You will be full initiative and action when it comes to making money. The income you can count on comes from professional opportunities which come your way during the second and third decans.  However, conjecture, gambling or attempts to make a profit without effort incline towards a loss.

The solar eclipse can bring a renewal or an unexpected event related to home, property or long-term-use goods, such as a car.

With regards to finances, be as practical and logical as possible!


Sagittarius : 23 November – 21 December

During February expect unforeseen events to occur, more than likely in relation to travel or a phone call.

Change is in the air as February is a month full of drama that makes the most of your entrepreneurial nature. Mars – planet of initiative and action – transits Sagittarius, which makes you compulsive, driven, efficient and able to make snap decisions.

Make sure you spend some time relaxing though, as you don’t have to take on every challenge that comes your way!


Capricorn : 22 December – 20 January

During February getting out, socialising and widening your circle of acquaintances help your relationships: if you’re single these gatherings will help you begin a new friendship or romance, if that’s what you so desire.

Money is a particular issue for Capricorn’s and you put your mind and body to work in order to increase your income – but luck also has some input. Be cautious though, because you might run into unexpected difficulties, so think outside the box! Although you are blessed with innate strategic thought processes, inspiration and adaptability is what is required now.

Don’t sit on your laurels; rely on your strength and intuition as during February it’s not that clear who is friend and who is foe!


Aquarius : 21 January – 19 February

The solar eclipse which occurs in Aquarius on February 15th brings a breath of fresh air into your business life. Mercury will also be situated in Aquarius which pushes for renewal and brings diplomacy, luck through personal charm, acquaintances and money.

You shine brightly and are put into a position of authority or in a situation under which you can prove your organisation and administrative skills.

Attempt something original that will attract admiration from others!


Pisces : 20 February – 20 March

Life may seem somewhat tedious during the first part of February. But after the 11th things start looking up; joyful times are coming your way with the promise of a new romance or the intensifying of a current love.

With Mars positioned in your house of career, you will be driven to set bold goals, you will do what it takes to achieve them and prove what you’re made of in terms of your business acumen. And the chances are you’ll manage to do whatever you set out to do and even make some decent money out of it.

It’s a good time to spread the love and perhaps offer yourself as a volunteer for some charity work!

January 2018 Horoscopes



During the first two decans of January, the position of Venus makes you become more discriminating when it comes to kinship and guides your attention toward people who are worthy of appreciation, especially those who can help you attain your goals.

The configuration of the planets in January is very motivating for Aries, and can make for crucial accomplishments with regards to money, business and earnings resulting from partnerships.

Nevertheless, this period emphasises tension, sloppiness and an inclination toward excesses.  Therefore, try not to spend more than you earn and don’t be impulsive when it comes to any money-related decisions!


With Mars and Jupiter arousing your senses during January, you can expect a turbulent love life, seasoned with eruptions of emotionality, passion and demonstrative gestures of affection.

With regards to career, January is highly favourable for Taureans, as long as you carefully evaluate your resources and risks as the planetary positions give you the driving force, but could also make you lose control. You will stay roughly on course and have the needed persistence to complete your tasks.

To help you relax, learn something new by attending some courses or perhaps read that book you have been meaning to for a while!


A cycle that started in November comes to an end during the first decan of January, during this time you would have learned significant lessons with regards to your love life. Moving forward, things will be much simpler and more direct than they were during November and December.

January is a very active month from a vocational stance and will accomplish much. There is an increase of money-related interests, either through investments, loans, inheritance or a more significant interaction with organisations like banks or insurance companies.

Try not to stress about the small details! Concentrate on what’s essential and keep smiling!


During January Cancerians’ love life reaches unforeseen heights, the amorous drive is so intense that it attracts possibilities with romantic potential. The power of your passion is unstoppable. Nevertheless, it is best to keep a handle on things and keep in mind your responsibilities.

During this month, the prominence is on interactions with people around you: partnerships, team work, connections, and contracts, but also contests and rivalries or (worst case scenario) litigations or challenges. But luck comes from where you least expect it. So crawl out of your shell and have some fun!


During January, Leo’s focus is directed towards your professional life and responsibilities.  Things can seem tougher at the moment, but will produce satisfying and worthwhile results. You will find that you’re working hard, but your efforts won’t be fruitless.

This is a good time for investments and real-estate or for refurbishing a house! It is also a good time to resolve any health issues, especially those which you have been neglecting for a while. Try to resist anything in excess.


January is an extraordinary month, all obstructions, fears, and timidity are surmounted! The planetary positions induce your romantic drive and portends towards love pursuits.

This month also brings new opportunities. It is time to let loose all of the talents you possess or perhaps discover new ones. Your thinking is deeper, meaning that you can flourish in any pursuit involving communication, intellect, and logical argument. Nevertheless, try not to say more than is necessary and don’t say things you might regret in anger!


During the first part of January you feel the need for seclusion and take some time out to concentrate on your family and home-life. Practicality rules overrules emotions.

But once you are fully rested, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction from Libra’s house of money intensifies your business sense and propels you to seek new ways of improving your income. Although, try not to squander money or spend willy nilly as you really need to think about the things you intend to buy or invest.

The latter part of January would be a good time to visit relatives or organise a fun gathering.


During January passion and the spirit of conquest are at their optimum with regards to romanticism! You also take the initiative, are feeling courageous, and can now begin an epic and ambitious undertaking. You feel inspired, are motivated to assert yourself and to prove what you are capable of achieving! The probability that you will be highly successful in your endeavours, both romantically and vocationally!

Things are dynamic when it comes to earning money, you will be very busy in this area. When it comes to communicating, be more compliant, listen to others’ points of view, negotiate and find a compromise!


During the first decan of January the complicated cycle of Mercury retrograde is now over and things return to normal. Certain facts about relationships should have come to light and you should bear those in mind in order to have lasting and more compatible relationships.

Your attention will be diverted to making your work more profitable or finding a way to increase your earnings, or you may be inclined to get involved in various business transactions. Either way, you can to expect both fortunate moments and delays. With this in mind, you will be more inclined make some important decisions during the second decan of the month.

If you have any enemies, keep them close, as they might be out to get you! And try not to make any either!


With Venus in Capricorn, the first two decans of January are favourable for love, joy and harmony. You are blessed with grace and physical attraction. Your presence is sought after. Good understanding, tenderness, and optimism rule your love life.

You will feel like socialising more and widening your social circle, which, in turn increases the likelihood of meeting a new love or having a good time with your loved one.

With many planets in Capricorn during January you feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to, especially if you are more open to cooperation, business relationships and any group interests.


During the first two decans of January, you might feel the need to retreat to recharge your batteries. There may be a feeling of alienation or dissatisfaction, particularly during the second decan.

The good news is that the third decan is auspicious as you will feel full of optimism, cheerful and have a good understanding of what is going on around you. Good fortune will bring favourable circumstances your way, and if you’re looking for happiness, it will appear!

Professionally, you can take a firm stand with others and from that, enjoy gratifying financial success. But don’t let that success go to your head and watch your back as there could be some enviousness surrounding you! Therefore, try to be reserved and restrained when dealing with others, especially in the workplace.


From a professional point of view January, is dynamic and fruitful month. You are full of ambitions and future plans. You are motivated to construct and move forward long-term plans in all areas of your life: journeys, long-distance collaborations, technology, studies, research and spirituality. You sense a need to widen your horizons and you should make the most of these feelings in order to evolve professionally and gain money-related success. Be aware, that around middle of January you might have to get over or around an obstacle put in your way.

Think long and hard before making any important decisions regarding your position in a particular group.


December  2017 Overview

With four planets transiting the sign of Sagittarius, December is a dynamic month. Not to mention  that exuberant Jupiter – placed in Scorpio – is joined by fiery Mars on the 9th, which portends to December being full of stormy, impulsive, wild energies.

Under the above-named conditions, this suggests exuberance, confidence, and the awareness that anything is achievable. But we can also encounter sloppiness, foolishness, and discernment. Therefore, in order to experience only the positive influences and steer clear of any negativity, it is advised that before we start making any important decisions – we carefully appraise our resources and examine the risk/benefit ratio.

It is very important to keep in mind that Mercury is in retrograde motion between 3-23 December, which means things aren’t always as they seem to be and plans won’t always go as anticipated; there could be delays and complications in matters of communication and travel.

Mercury in retrograde forces us to closely examine a certain matter, discover its flaws, and seek out all there is to know before we make an informed judgement.

Sometimes Mercury digs up the past and rehashes delicate topics, that haven’t been resolved when they should have been, or brings into our path someone we have unfinished business with. On top of that, Mercury isn’t too comfortable in Sagittarius, its exile sign.

Expect emergencies, travel delays and communication issues. It is better to defer making major decisions until after December 23, when we’ll see a much clearer picture and have all the necessary info in order to make the right call.

The good thing – particularly during the first two decans (decan – each of three equal ten-degree divisions of a sign of the zodiac) of the month – comes from the closeness between the Sun and Venus, aspect that adds extra benevolence and optimism, and favours relationships in all their forms – amorous or friendly, work-ties, business connections, or social life.

The most significant event of December 2017 is Saturn’s entry in Capricorn, where it will stay – with a short break – for three years.


 During the first decan of December, Mars – ruler of Aries – is in your house of couples, focusing your attention on love or marriage, as the case may be, and pushing you to take significant action or a stand.

 Venus transits Sagittarius, connecting love life to studies, intellectual or cultural-spiritual affinities, distances and travels. You might even receive some good news from far away.

 December brings Arians a significant professional event: Saturn enters the house of career, where it will stay for about three years. We’re talking about significant years, during which – if you have a clear purpose, good strategy, and tenacity – you can build a solid and durable social status.

 During December your health depends on the way you manage your resources. You should focus on priorities, relax, and take good care of yourself.

 Advice: Don’t overdo it when it comes to expenses, investments, and loans


In terms of love life, for Taureans December is a hot, active, and sometimes even stormy month.

 With Mars and Jupiter situated in Taurus’ house of relationships, you have intense and passionate reactions, your temper flares up easily, you want it all and right now.

 If you have a passionate nature, it would be better to simmer down, don’t make rash decisions, keep in check your jealousy or possessive bursts, try not to impose your will on others and not invade the one who lights up your senses in order to prevent suffocating them.

 If your nature is of the more serious variety, shy or introverted, Mars and Jupiter work in your favour: they give you courage, help you express yourself and take the initiative in order to steer things in the direction you desire.

 December stimulates two significant interests of yours: for money and for collaborations or team work.

 You might intend to start a business or an investment, receive an inheritance, a dowry, sponsorship, or a gift. All of these situations could have complicated or unexpected evolutions, but are full of lessons.

 Collaborations are productive throughout December, but they need to be approached in a diplomatic way.

 The presence of optimistic people is good for you, but also the company of someone with whom you can discuss what’s bothering you.

Advice: Save up some money and think well and hard before you make any money-related decision!


 Gemini’s house of relationships is very active during December, so you can expect some relevant events to take place.

 Partnerships, cooperation, contracts, and clientele are defining points for Geminis’ path during December. It’s an area of constant change, seeking the best solutions and useful information. Communicating with others needs to be as clear as possible, and terms of interactions as well-defined as possible.

Your energy is moody, and your body needs to keep a certain balance in order to function up to your standards. Stress and your tendency toward overdoing it and carelessness are the main enemies of Geminis during December.

 Advice: Don’t rush to judge! Things aren’t always as they seem.


 During December, Cancerians’ love life is marked by responsibilities or it intersects with the professional one.

 Maybe you and your better half take on a common responsibility, something that isn’t easy to do, but that can offer you satisfaction in the long run. Or you could have a relationship with someone you meet via your professional life.

 It’s an intense month, very full of all kinds of things from a professional standpoint.

 You have a lot to do, complex issues to solve, and maybe sometimes you feel like things are moving slowly; but there are also satisfactions, moments of glory and luck.

 You go through a variety of situations that are meant to make you realize where you stand, what you can do and what you want to do, and then you can draw your own conclusions and make decisions.

 So you can look forward to an interesting end of year that could change your status in a favorable way.

 Cancer’s area of health is emphasized during December. Some unpleasantness might come your way, but it might as well be that you’re very interested in treatments, diets or your physical shape.

 It would be a good time to adjust your lifestyle or to take care of older issues that you’ve been neglecting.

 Mars and Jupiter give you a surplus of energy that you need to use up by being active.

 Advice: Decluter; clean out your drawers, cupboards, loft and garage; throw out your old instruments or tools or restore them to their pristine working condition!


 The ruler of Leo, the Sun, is in your house of love during December, pointing clearly to the fact that these are the priorities for this term. So during December you have intense feelings and the need for new experiences, but also indecision, confusion, and contradictions.

 Interests regarding your home and domestic comfort are also stimulated, leading to energetic initiatives and actions.

 In regard to money, income could grow through luck, but speculation, gambling, and bargains could cause you loss.

 You shouldn’t overdo it over the Holidays and not tire yourself out that much. It would be best to find someone who can help you with the season’s to-do list or take a mini-vacation.

 Advice: Try not to spend too much on gifts and fun!


 During December Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is around Venus – planet of love. So you’re more caring than usual and more receptive toward signs of affection.

 The mood is relaxed, intimate. Joint interests revolve around home, family, and properties. It could mean changing around your furniture and/or buying something that would make your nest more beautiful and comfortable.

 Communication and travels are exciting and can have amorous potential.

 Due to Mercury’s retrograde motion you’re in for a significant month: busy, peppered with obstacles and opportunities, stress and achievements too. You might also deal with something related to property, a valuable item or some investment.

 Cooperation is important for Virgo’s throughout December, both on a professional and money-related level.

 December is a complex month that can give you some hassle. It’s more about agitation and unease, impatience and stress.

 The most important thing is to relax, make a plan of action, and approach things methodically.

 You should avoid speed and carelessness, particularly when on the road.

 Advice: Don’t get worked up when discussing things! Line up your arguments and present them in a calm and civilised manner!


 December could bring Librans some unexpected change in their love life, as a result of the opposition between Mars (ruler of Libra’s house of couples) and Uranus. On December 9, Mars enters Scorpio – a sign in which it’s very strong and where it will stay until January together with Jupiter. Jupiter’s influence is favourable for your love life that becomes more intense and exuberant. Jupiter is known for the opportunities it offers, so you should pay attention and make the most of its generosity.

December is a month with a lot of potential for profit for Librans as Jupiter is in Libra’s house of money. So you become more daring and take the initiative, with the clear intent of improving your income and with the best chances at achieving what you set out to do.

Throughout the month there’s a heightened interest in information, intellectual pursuits, writing, studying, working on the PC, speeches, in other words, everything involving the mind and communication, with great impact on your career.

You can also go on some trips related to your professional life or work long-distance or with someone from far away.

During December  there’s an interest in health, and it could be based first and foremost on your desire to now plan certain regular check-ups or settle older issues.

You should try to limit exposure to stressful situations and avoid intellectual exhaustion.

Advice: Be careful about clarity in communication! Make sure you receive information transmitted by others correctly and that they totally understand what you want to transmit to them!


With Mars and Jupiter situated in Scorpio, during December you enjoy huge stamina. The astrological configuration of the term provokes the desire for conquest and adventure, lights up passion, and predisposes toward grand gestures, at times even crazy ones, made due to love.

The conjunction between Venus and Mercury shows that your love life has an impact on your thinking and deciding processes, meaning that your partner could be influencing your decisions related to money and career.

Finances are a hot topic, you feel a great need to act, seek solutions, add things up, analyze, make decisions, change your mind, hit obstacles and even encounter opportunities.

Scorpios’ professional evolution during December is dictated by material reasoning. It’s time to set in motion some bold and large-scale projects. Success depends on evaluating correctly the rapport between goals and resources.

With Jupiter and Mars situated in Scorpio, during December you’re pretty much bursting with vitality, confidence, and expansiveness. You really need to exercise in order to use up the excess of energy.

The Jupiter-Mars combo is particularly invigorating, but –  be careful! – it predisposes to excesses and risky actions that can have a negative impact on your body. Take it easier!

Advice: Don’t spend more than you have and don’t go into debt!


During December relationships are the axis upon which the universe revolves.

Things come your way; you don’t have to go looking or try to force them.

There are useful conclusions to be drawn from everything that happens in your love life during December. Try to understand the meaning of everything that happens, as it happens, but also try to connect things in order to see the full picture!

In regard to money if you have to make some decisions during December-January. It would be best to make them in January, when you have a clearer picture of things.

Throughout December, the terms during which you focus need to be alternated with terms of relaxing, in order to prevent over-exhaustion.

You’re in good shape physically, but you’re too worked up. There’s some risk of accidents due to carelessness or bad motion coordination.

Advice: Try to make a list of priorities and focus on what’s most important!


For Capricorn’s, the first two decans of December are either spent in a more reclusive way, or marked by discontentment or a disappointment, because Venus – planet of love and ruler of Capricorn’s house of passion and sexuality – is in the 12th solar house, a mysterious one that doesn’t enjoy much of good a reputation.

You might be frustrated, or maybe nothing major happens or – best case scenario – you delight in a secret love. If this is the case, be very careful about how discreet you are!

On December 25  Venus enters Capricorn, so the year ends in an atmosphere full of love and understanding and 2018 starts in a good way.

With Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn’s 11th house, December is very active when it comes to collective activities. Associations, foundations, gatherings, conferences, and public events are part of your current life.

The last decan of December finds you well-prepared and sure that next year will be a lot more productive.

Your body’s stamina isn’t at its best during December, so you need to take better care of yourself and not expose yourself to conditions that could be harmful.

Advice: Stick around home more; enjoy its privacy, your family, and old friends!


During December you seem to get really close to happiness. But for now you can’t fully grab it with both hands. Something seems to slip through your fingers, comes true only partially, something still needs to become complete.

With Mars and Jupiter in Zenith during December you’re going full-speed-ahead, as if you’d want to solve everything until the year ends. And you do solve it all. Or at least you make the first step, decide, and initiate some action or series of actions with significant impact on your professional life, prestige and status.  Things aren’t yet that clear, but the outcome will come in January.

 The bubbly innovation, that will keep going in January too, aims at extending, expanding and going to another level. In sight, is also an intensification of your social life, visibility, involvement in collective projects or group activities.

Throughout December you earn well, but need to be careful about income resulting from partnerships, ties to banks, insurance or money-related environments by and large.

Aquarians can expect to be in excellent shape during the first two decans of December.

You feel comfortable in your own skin and have great mental tones. You’re very confident, which can predispose you to carelessness though. And you also lean toward excesses, a fact that can tend to become worse.

During the last decan you’re in lesser shape. If you want to enjoy the Holidays, you should show more restrain throughout the month.

Aquarius : You’re tough, but shouldn’t try to force your views on others.


The ruler of Pisces’ house of couples is retrograde in the 10th house between December 3 and 23, this suggests some interference between personal ties and career, or a set of circumstances that makes your love life become public knowledge.

You might be involved with someone of a higher standing, or have an affair as a result of some professional contact. Or maybe you get ahead thanks to your better half’s support.

Things related to your love life can become complicated or unexpected during the end of the year, but – due to the conjunction of Mercury with Venus – you can also get satisfaction.

During December, Pisces’ house of career is transited by various planets, therefore becoming particularly important. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury seem to be very interested in your professional life.

The Sun wants you in the spotlight, on a podium or on a scene, receiving acclaim and standing ovations – either way, in a situation that demands admiration or respect. Venus smooths your way there, bringing luck or the right connections your way.

In turn, Mercury emphasizes intellect, information, communication, and travels, but sometimes it also creates complications, because it’s retrograde. The good thing is that – after Mercury resumes its direct motion – you’ll have a much clearer picture of your professional goals and strategies.

When it comes to money, throughout December you have more than needed, and far-away places, the Internet, studies and culture could be involved somehow.

During the first decan of December you’re in modest shape. You might go through a tougher time during 21-22, but it doesn’t seem to be something long-lasting.

During the last two decans you gain more energy, due to the closeness of energetic Mars to the ruler of Pisces – Jupiter – but you could also be more reckless, impatient, agitated, and expose yourself to risk and conflict. You should aim to be well-balanced and cautious.

Advice: Drink an extra glass of champagne! For you, 2018 stars much better than 2017 did: you get rid of Saturn’s negative influence, as the Great Malefic, and enjoy the positive influence of Jupiter, the Greater Beneficator.


December 2017 Aspects

December 01 – Mars opposite Uranus

December 02 – Jupiter trine Neptune

December 03 – Mercury Retrograde

December 03 – Sun square Neptune

December 03 – Full Moon 11° Gemini

December 06 – Mercury conjunct Saturn

December 06 – Mercury sextile Mars

December 06 – Mars sextile Saturn

December 10 – Mercury trine Uranus

December 10 – Venus square Neptune

December 12 – Sun conjunct Mercury

December 15 – Mercury conjunct Venus

December 16 – Sun trine Uranus

December 18  – New Moon 26° Sagittarius

December 20 – Venus trine Uranus

December 21 – Sun conjunct Saturn

December 22 – Mercury Stations Direct

December 25 – Venus conjunct Saturn

December 28 – Mars trine Neptune