Older Landlord? Looking for a Mortgage?


If, like us, you feel that age is but a number.  Wonder what age has got to do with your ability to service a mortgage, especially a mortgage on a rental property! And isn’t it about time lenders realised that it’s 2022 and that not everyone ‘retires’ once they hit state retirement age!

Then I’m pleased to tell you that there are a number of high street lenders who have woken up to this very fact and are happy to grant mortgages to ‘borrowers of a certain age’ for property investment purposes including first-time landlords.

I will be honest, it is likely there will be a number of hoops to jump through which is why you won’t find a list of these lenders here.  My recommendation is to speak to a qualified, experienced buy-to-let specialist mortgage broker.  He or she, will be able to recommend, explain, and guide you through the process.  It’s not just a question of selecting the cheapest rate. In a lot of instances, the lowest ‘headline’ rate is not necessarily the best overall deal for your personal circumstances.

I can hear that little voice, but they are going to charge me a fee! And so they should and you should be happy to pay it too!  Going it alone or going directly to a lender could end up costing you £0,000’s not the nominal fee you will likely be charged.

If you would like to receive further information please get in touch with us we look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time. Take Care and happy property investing.

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