My Journey Through Art – Jane Hicks

I have loved drawing since my teens but it wasn’t til a foot injury in 2014 that I picked up a pencil and started drawing again. I have suffered a lot of traumas in my life and art is the one thing that helps me get in a more mindful state and relaxes me. I love the way with art you can create whatever you want and there are no rules, I don’t think it really matters if the picture you have created is amazing but more the fact you have expressed yourself however you have wanted to.

I have been very grateful for the time to draw more since lockdown, as I really craved to the past 3 years. Due to work and other commitments I  just haven’t had the time and having the time t has helped me find my focus on what I want to be doing. My observation skills have also got better. I used to be very drawn to faces but this last year I have really got into nature, the sky in particular. I love its changeable nature from dramatic storms and northern lights to beautiful rainbows, sunsets, sunrises and of course the moon and stars. The sky really does have it all. Birds are also another favourite subject of mine. 

I am at the moment, I am an up and coming artist that has exhibited in local and online exhibitions, open houses, cafes and galleries, art really is my passion and have decided that once lockdown ceases this is all I want to be doing. I am lucky enough to have had a couple of commissions since lockdown and have sold a couple of pictures I put on Facebook, so I feel things are going in the right direction for me. An absolute dream would be to have my art on either a record cover or a book cover which is something I will be pursuing in the future.

I would say to anyone that suffers with anxiety or depression just to have a go at drawing something it really doesn’t have to be perfect, please don’t let the fact you feel you can’t or couldn’t draw in the past put you off you can get better if you carry on. It can help so much with your mental health, it has certainly made a difference to mine, it is good just to create.

Jane Hicks 

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