Men: MOT your health, not just your car

Trying to drag your man to the doctor is an old joke, but one that there may well be some truth in. Many blokes think nothing of taking their car in for a regular service to keep it running well, but are far less vigilant when it comes to their own bodies.

But all is not lost. Men reluctant to get themselves along to a GP for everyday niggles can have a free health check at a Well Man clinic to keep themselves ticking over in tip-top condition.

Like their better-known Well Women counterparts, Well Man clinics specialise in male health care and fellas between 40 and 60 can get themselves an MOT to help spot potential problems early.

What do they do?

Well Man clinics assess your general health and fitness to check for conditions that can be easily treated, helping you avoid bigger problems further down the line. They can monitor your weight and blood pressure and check your cholesterol to see if you’re at risk from heart attacks or strokes. You might also be given a urine test to check for diabetes, or be given advice on male health issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or prostate conditions.

Some clinics offer more services than others: you may also be offered tests for hearing and vision problems, joint flexibility and heart problems via an ECG.

What happens while I’m there?

You’ll be asked about your medical history and that of your immediate family to identify any problems you may be at risk of. They’ll also ask about your lifestyle: your smoking habits, diet, alcohol consumption and how much exercise you get, and give advice on how to reduce your risk of related problems like stroke or coronary artery disease.

How do I find one?

Ask your GP – your surgery or local hospital may run its own Well Man clinics. If not, they can probably give you information about where to find one in your area. Clinics are also run by private companies, but going down this route will cost you money.

Is it worth it?

Yes. As well as the obvious benefits of identifying potential problems early, Well Man clinics can help you live longer, have more vitality, and even help you last longer in bed, and all for free! What’s not to love?

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