May’s Angel Card Reading – FAITH

By Carole Smith, Karma Violet

This month’s Angel Card is Archangel Faith, Humanity and Benevolence, which seems a very appropriate card to have drawn for the situation we are all right now.

In her hands Faith is holding three beautiful blue roses and a blue heart-shaped vessel that has a gentle flame burning from it. My feeling from this is that this is the heart of the world and the flame is the life force of us all. Faith asks us to have Trust, both in ourselves and the people that are known to us and also to trust in our Angelic Realm and the Divine or the Universe or whatever name that makes you feel more comfortable with. She asks us to Stay Calm, Trust and to See the light in the world at this time.

The energy I am feeling from this card is a very gentle, healing energy bringing healing and love from the angelic realm. Love for each other and for the world as a whole is what is needed right now. The Beatles had the right idea when they sang “All You Need is Love” Love is powerful and spreading Love and Light across the globe and beyond is the best thing we can all do to help all our energies and the energies of the world repair and grown stronger as we move towards the changes that are happening.

The Angel Cards that I have used this month are KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT by Kyle Gray.

I look forward to being back next month with your June’s Angel Card Reading. If you would like a personal reading by Skype, Zoom or email I would be very happy to hear from you.

With love and light


Carole xx


Mobile: 07909513500

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