May 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

By Martina Mercer

Welcome to your May 2018  monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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   Martina Mercer


Try not to get so involved in other  people’s dramas so much so that you stop thinking about what’s best for you. There are great opportunities in life and then there are things that are only good in theory. Be courageous enough to walk your own path, even if others try to push you off it. If you are true to yourself then you are very likely to be happy. Instead of adapting yourself to reflect the world around you, make you own choices that reflect your desires and aspirations.



It feels like you’re standing on shifting sand and need to find your balance so your don’t fall or sink. There’s an explosive New Moon in your sign, and Uranus moves into Taurus  on the15th May. It would be unfortunate to miss out on this potently creative planetary  by trying to keep things the same. The only way to grow is to be willing to outgrow things.



All advancement and development begins from within; this month will trigger some awkward self-contemplation as you receive mixed messages from the Universe. You may find yourself having totally unanticipated feelings about people and situations. Don’t allow your attachment to the way things were get in the way of you growing up. It is your time to radiate from 20th May; so make sure your light is pointing in the right direction.



During the month of May, you are called upon to embrace authenticity. It is not about attaining any particular achievement or feeling any kind of way. It’s about being able to stay in the present with what’s real, even when you’re uneasy with it. Growth is not a one-dimensional process; just be here now. If you are willing to tolerate the disorderliness of your feelings without trying to fix or quash them, you can get to the root of them with ease.



As the world around you shifts and changes, so must you. This month is about exploration and procedure – not responses and order. Instead of shrinking from change or worrying about it, ask yourself what you can glean from it. As frustrating as it may be to experience hindrances and obstructions, it is best that you move slowly than in the wrong direction altogether. Grow from the inside out; adjusting your outsides alone won’t create the life you want to be living.



Collaboration is a tricky enterprise. It requires that all parties are clear, share values, and stay on the same page. If your strategy for cooperating is to either push others to yield to your will or to give in to what they want without asserting yourself, you’re not fully showing up, Virgo. It’s time to take stock of how honest you’re really being with the people you’re working with. Make adjustments before you need to this month.



If you can allow your success to develop in stages, you’ll find that you’re exactly where you need to be right now. Being on the right path doesn’t mean that everything goes your way all the time; it means that the issues that you’re confronted with are exactly what you need in order to grow to the next level. Don’t compare your progress to other people’s or even to where you want to be in the future. Make the most of what’s happening now, Libra.



The past is funny; you can use your experiences as either a powerful teacher or as a crutch. How you got here is relevant, but it’s only one part of the story. It’s time to get present with where you’re at and what is needed at this time. Only if you accept your situation can you use that info to move upwards and onwards. Don’t relive the past by convincing yourself that you’re locked into repeating it!



Feeling chaotic is the worst because of how it feels, of course, but also because the only way out is in. You can try to evade your unpleasant feels all you want, but it won’t help you. Work on sitting with your feelings long enough to determine what’s going on for you underneath the surface. This month may confront you with uncomfortable content, but it’s not to be avoided. The best way to show up for your life is by being present.



It’s no secret: you can get super fixated on things, and if what you want doesn’t work out, it can send you into a tailspin. There’s not just one place to be, one question to answer, one mountain to climb, or only one chance to thrive. Don’t attach so much meaning to any one opportunity that you lose track of who you are or the big picture of what you wish to achieve. Be open to the unexpected this month.



This isn’t the time to seek answers; it’s time to seek options, Aquarius. Things are changing quickly, and if you can be open to what you’re shown, you’ll be rewarded with chances you didn’t see coming this month. The key is to keep an inquisitive mind when you’re confronted by situations that you have fixed ideas about, especially around the middle of the month. Upsets are a normal part of any meaningful expansion.



Engaging with reality is a skill for the best of us. If you take it too seriously, it can be crushing. Don’t take it seriously enough, and it’ll bite you in your backside. This month it’s important that you weigh out the evidence that you’ve been shown against your version of the story, Pisces. It’s time to parse through the confusion and find your centre of strength. Move beyond fear this month.

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