Maharishi Marma Therapy – How It Can Help You

Marek Lorys

Maharishi Marma Therapy – benefits

She told me she was afraid of going to bed at night. She knew she would wake up around 2am with excruciating pain in the neck and shoulder. She wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep and would then be tired the following day. This affected her family, the responsible job she had, not to mention her enjoyment of life.

I did a Maharishi Marma treatment for her back, neck and shoulders. The following day she wrote: ‘Good morning Marek, just had to let you know that I had no pain in my neck last night! And I’m feeling so much better today, the best I’ve felt all week. Thank you!’

A second client came with anxiety and damage in the back of the neck that had occurred a year ago during weightlifting. A week after the treatment he said that the anxiety just lifted and the injury in the back of the neck had resolved.

A third client hobbled in with severe back pain. Every now and then his back ‘went out’ and he would collapse on the floor and have to be taken to A&E. Doctors had been unable to suggest anything apart from painkillers. I gave him a back treatment, which relieved the pain. He walked out smiling.

What is Maharishi Marma Therapy?

So what is Maharishi Marma Therapy? It’s a very gentle massage therapy of special energy points on the body. There are no needles, there is no pressure or tapping, just a very gentle massage treatment that is profoundly relaxing and, at the same time, very therapeutic.

How does Marma Therapy work?

How does it work? In addition to the physical body, we also have an energy body, with energy – traditionally known as ‘Prana’ – flowing through a large number of channels. You have probably heard the word ‘meridians’ to describe the channels where the energy flows. In Ayurveda – where Marma therapy comes from – the channels are called ‘Nadis’. Ayurveda speaks of 72,000 channels that connect different parts of the body and also converge on certain points on the skin. These points are called ‘Marmas’.

This is why these energy points on the skin are so special. The energy converges there. Sometimes, whether due to an injury, surgery, bad food, or some mistake that we make, an energy channel can get blocked. When the channels are blocked, then the energy can’t flow freely. This can result in physical or emotional symptoms.

What we do in Maharishi Marma Therapy is to enliven the energy in these special points (called ‘Marmas’) and in the energy channels (‘Nadis’). Then the energy begins to flow normally again and this can result in almost immediate relief from symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms may have been there a long time.

Taste and smell return

This was from a client who had lost the sense of taste and smell following an accident 5 years ago: ‘I fell on the 4thOctober 2017 resulting in a 6-week induced coma, lucky to be alive albeit with a fractured skull, then 3 months rehab and I had lost my taste and smell.

I met Marek at a local Wellbeing show where, as an energy healer, I was intrigued He did a small amount of work on my face and suggested a full appointment.

The result of this has been amazing, to say the least!!

On the day of treatment I was able by the end of the session to smell the oil that had been applied!!

Since then: I smelt the cucumber that was on Nicola’s plate this morning, had an emotional meal where eggs and chips tasted fantastic!! Walking past an open window after the rain I could smell the damp earth – and I bought a scented candle!!

I would love to carry on with the Marma therapy and would love to train in this.’

Such a lovely result!

Gentleness is the key

How do we treat the Marmas? Very carefully and tenderly! Gentleness is the key!

You know how it is when someone approaches you aggressively – you tense up and shut down. And you know how you react when someone approaches you in a friendly and gentle way? You just relax and open up. And it’s the same with the Marmas – when you treat them gently, they and the whole physiology just relax and open up – and the result is that people relax very deeply very quickly.

When the body relaxes, it heals – it’s what the body does when it has an opportunity to rest. This deep relaxation in itself is profoundly healing. In addition, each Marma has a special connection to a specific organ or organ system or joint. We use this knowledge to treat specific Marmas to bring about specific therapeutic effects, like easing back pain, reducing shoulder pain, sinusitis, headaches, emotional issues, so many different conditions.

So Maharishi Marma treatments are delightful in themselves and also very helpful in a range of conditions.

And if you’re just looking for relaxation?

Then Maharishi Marma Therapy is perfect – this is what people say: ‘

As ever, thank you for a beautiful treatment on Friday in your safe, warm haven. Of course, I felt amazing afterwards and have continued to float through the weekend.’

Another client wrote:

‘the treatment was wonderful and I left feeling very nurtured which is exactly what I needed. Since the treatment I have had much more energy’

And a third person wrote: ‘Thank you so much for my wonderful treatment yesterday, I hadn’t realised how quickly the time went. 

I felt so much lighter, brighter and fresher, a new me. It was wonderful!’

Marek Lorys

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