June 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

By Martina Mercer

Welcome to your June 2018  monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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   Martina Mercer


June feels like an ‘all or nothing’ month, as you have to handle the conflict between your personal and work life. You may be called upon to let go of something that you really want so that you can concentrate on what you really need. For this to happen it will be easier if you have clarity and are open about your motives. Make sure the current choices you make tally with the feelings you have about your future.



It is all too simple to get obsessed with the future that you forget to take notice and enjoy where you are at now.  Life is a wonderful journey filled with purposeful meaning. Everything happens for a reason, good or not so good. When you live in the fast lane concentrating on getting results, you end up missing out on the life in the present. Concentrate on what you already have and allow the future to develop in its own time.



An important part adulthood is accomplishing goals, but sometimes this is not enough. What actually matters at the end of the day is how you feel inside; the quality of your relationships and the ways in which you prioritise and savour your achievements. You may think that being on the right path will make you feel a certain way, but that isn’t precisely how it works. The language of your internal being needs to be learned, in order to recognise what you require and when you have made it.



June is liable to bring up all sorts of powerful emotions for you, so endeavour to make the most of  everything by giving it your best efforts. Allow your wisdom to guide you instead of your strongest impulses. Life can  sometimes feel akin to one of those decorating series’ which give you a modest set of goods and challenges you to produce a professionally decorated room in one hour! Now is not the time to squander precious time on wishing things were different. Appreciate and do the most with what you already have.



Change is an unavoidable part of existence, even when it isn’t joyful or fun, it assists in your development. You are actually entitled to give up, modify your beliefs or have a change of heart. Try to compromise as all is not as it seems, circumstances are all up in the air and it’s not altogether clear where anything is going to fall! Moving through emotionality takes more time and effort than is originally anticipated. Therefore, select a gentle pace of life throughout June.



You may find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed during the first half of June. Now is the time to question what is occurring in your world. What you believe is reality and how you perceive the world are the foundations of what you actually do. You may need to reconsider your opinions about the world and ask yourself whether you’ve been restricting yourself with regards to the meaning of life. Seek our those who can forge other kinds of prosperity for you, and who help you to expound your view of the world and horizons.



Occasionally, what appears to be the worse type of setback, is actually the greatest news and gift ever received. It is always advisable to remain open to new and fresh ways of being. Life ebbs and flows, and it is inevitable that your progress is not meant to happen in a linear fashion. Especially June, as it may look like things are progressing one way and then diversifies to become a whole new story. Relinquish anything that is holding you back, and let life unfold naturally.



June is a complex time to be an emotional and affectionate person. Therefore, make sure you prioritise your relationship with yourself this month. The way you display yourself and how graciously you let go of the things that are not resounding for you, are immediately connected to the decisions that you feel empowered to make. You are are one with the Universe; the time to act is now; be the change that you desire to see in your life and the world around you.



Whether you believe yourself to be the best or the worst, you are thinking too much about yourself and not in most positive manner. Your worth is not determined by people or a particular situation. A degree of self-importance helps you to navigate, yet an unbalanced ego isolates you in the world. As you mature, it is fine to be ambivalent, to err and to be incorrect. But acquire knowledge as you go through life and be courageous when you stumble.



The sign of Capricorn enjoys control, but so much of life’s fun and happiness occurs in spontaneous moments.

You will eventually arrive at where you want to be, so you don’t need to know how or when it is going to happen.  The Moon is Full in Capricorn on the 27th June, which is an extraordinary time for you to let go of your self-imposed boundaries in favour of what brings you happiness. Trust in the bigger picture, even if the details elude or frustrate you.



Train yourself to give care and attention to things that you can positively do something about in the present.

It is difficult to be in the here and now when obsessing about the past or trying to envision an ambivalent future. Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius on the 26th, which means this will be challenging you to find wholesome ways of conveying your ambitions, wrath, and sexuality. For optimum results, seek out these things from a place of embodiment.



The only way to continuously fail is by not learning from your mistakes. Although, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Nevertheless, try to not allow a fear of failure deliberately encourage you to seek grounds for it. There is no downside if you reorientate yourself with the positivity that comes from innovative action. Your feelings are likely to be ablaze, and others may feel there is tension in the air around you. Try not to concentrate on what you lack this month, instead focus on your potential.


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