I Love Meeting Everyone Who Comes To See My Art Displayed – Christine Munro

Christine Munro

My name is Christine Munro and I have been painting for ——— well all my life really but we won’t go into how long that is.

I have lived in Eastbourne for twelve years and since 2010 have taken part in the Artists’ Open Houses, usually twice a year. I have also exhibited with The Society of Eastbourne Artists and more recently with a group of artists at the Castle Arts Gallery in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle. This has been an amazing experience and we get to meet many lovely people as we take it in turns to ‘work’ in the gallery, which is open seven days a week (closing at the end of October).

I think, for me, meeting people and talking about art is a big part of the enjoyment of it all. Also, on occasion encouraging them to pick up a brush for the first time or to go back to it if they ‘used to do it’. The ‘open houses’ are a wonderful opportunity for meeting like-minded people, although someone once remarked that she felt a bit uncomfortable walking into someone’s home. But if no-one came we would be wasting our time!

‘Please come’ is the message. I concentrate mainly on subjects based on the natural world – more recently experimenting with semi abstracts. The majority of my work is in oil. I have dabbled in other media but always come back to oil. It isn’t as messy as some people imagine and certainly not as smelly. It is the turps or white spirit used for cleaning brushes that have a strong smell but these days there are plenty of ‘green’ alternatives. There are also water-mixable oils now available making brush cleaning easier.

My advice – have a go – what have you got to lose? You have everything to gain. Good luck

Christine Munro