Holding Space – Supporting Parents and Children Experiencing Mental Health

By Carole Smith

Holding Space was set up in 2019 by Hansa-Raja Jones after her journey experience as a parent caring for her child who was struggling with her mental health. She thought that her family couldn’t be the only ones that were going through the journey and decided to set up Holding Space to support parents and carers. At Holding Space it is believed that the voice of the parent/child is paramount. They know that speaking about your child’s mental health is not easy for a parent, the fear of being judged a failure or shame and they want to take this burden off them by providing support, information and advice and by connecting families to support one another.

Since September 2019 Holding Space has been developing referral pathways and ways of working. By January 2020 there were about 15 parents attending sessions. After going online in March 2020 these began to increase and from May-December 2020 they received 100 direct referrals and this year from January to date they have already had 76 direct referrals so their need is growing. These figures are not including the indirect work from social media, tests and emails as word of mouth about their support is spreading.

Holding Space work with and have good relationships with schools, local and statutory organisations, social services, NHS providers such as CAHMS, People in Partnership, Wellbeing Centres, Children’s services etc.

The hard work has paid of as Holding Space have recently received Charity Status, a wonderful tribute to Hansa and all the volunteers that do so much to help families in need of this support.

Cala Conversations would like to thank Hansa Raja-Jones for allowing us to bring you the story of Holding Space and to wish Hansa and her Team every success in continuing and growing this wonderful Charity that is helping so many people that need the support, information and the help that they are receiving.

As a Charity we hope that they receive the support that they need to carry on with this special work and to grow. The details of their website are below if you would like to know more about them or to support Holding Space