Healing Hands – My journey to Maharishi Marma Therapy by Marek Lorys

The first words the psychic said to me was ‘You’ve got healing hands’. My father had just died and I was feeling a bit lost. Wandering round Ealing shopping centre, I noticed Suzanne’s sign and booked a reading. And yes, she talked to me about my father, too!

I saw her 3 times in total and each time she started the same way: ‘You’ve got healing hands’. I ignored her – I thought she just said that to everyone. But five years later I saw an intuitive in central London. This time the message was stronger. ‘You’ve got healing hands and you need to do something about it!’

So I started looking online for a technique that might suit me. Nothing really grabbed me. But I did find one technique that involved holding the hands over different areas of the body. When I tried that, I could feel warmth in my hands and some enlivenment of energy in the body. It surprised me.

Then, in 2013, while in Australia, I saw a lovely man called Colin who told me that healing was soon to be my life. I was a translator at the time. I worked hidden away in a back room in front of a computer. Hands-on treatments were a polar opposite to my usual work. But I had also just recommenced teaching Transcendental Meditation after a gap of a few years, and that took me to a course in the centre of India.

There my room-mate told me about a gentle healing technique called Sukshma Marma (Sukshma means ‘gentle’ in Sanskrit) taught by Dr Ernst Schrott, a brilliant German doctor. This sounded intriguing. I contacted the course organiser in the UK. It turned out that the next foundation course (there was only one a year) would start the evening my plane from Delhi landed in London. And the course venue was 30 minutes from the airport. So I went straight from the airport to the course.

On the course I met Dr Schrott. He was a warm and friendly man and he explained that Sukshma Marma Therapy was simple, natural, easy to learn and very effective. He explained what the Marmas were and how we should treat them. And then… he offered to demonstrate the technique and asked for a volunteer.

A lady put up her hand and explained that she had been involved in three road traffic accidents some years ago, which had resulted in whiplash injuries and she had very limited movement in her neck, and experienced back and shoulder pain. Dr Schrott invited her to come to the front and, while at the same time explaining what he was doing to all the students and also speaking to the patient to ask how she felt as the treatment proceeded, did very simple massage movements using aromatherapy blends on the Marma points of her back, hands, arms and neck.

After 20 minutes’ treatment, with no fuss, no drama, she was able to move her head to the left and right, forward and backward, and the pains had gone. A miracle had just taken place in front of my eyes – I was hooked!

This example is of a musculoskeletal issue, but Dr Schrott was also able to help with many other conditions, including deep-rooted emotional trauma, and these sessions, in addition to being extraordinary, were some of the most moving.

On the course it didn’t feel like learning, more like remembering. When I went home after the course, I tried out what I had learned on anyone who came through the door, my friends, my mum’s carers, a central heating salesman. And it worked! People experienced profound relaxation. That delighted me. They felt happier, as if they had taken a step forward in their lives. I was just trying out the technique – and it worked.

As a result, I became more comfortable and relaxed with the process. Then people started reporting that specific issues were resolving. Chronic headaches went away, joint pain subsided, people with frozen shoulders were able to move more freely. Amazing! I was so glad to have been guided to this technique.

Sometimes the results were immediate: an earache that went away after a few seconds’ treatment, a backache that resolved after a touch on the painful area, carpal tunnel syndrome pains disappearing. Other cases required a longer treatment or a course of treatments. And while the treatments helped in many cases, sometimes patients required additional assistance.

I continued going to all of Dr Schrott’s courses – I found them totally fascinating. And I had the amazing privilege of working with Dr Schrott on the translation of his brilliant book ‘Marma Therapy’ into English, which was like doing an advanced Marma Therapy course with the world’s leading specialist! Giving Marma treatments and seeing people get better has been a real gift.

This is a brief account of my own journey with Maharishi Marma Therapy – the next article will give some fascinating insights into what makes Maharishi Marma Therapy so special.

Marek Lorys

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