Happy Halloween – Let’s Keep The Tradition Going in 2020

In the past three years, Cala Conversations have delved into the original traditions of Halloween up to the modern times of Trick or Treating, from America along with pumpkins, Halloween parties, witches, and ghouls and games such as Apple Bobbing. These are all relative newcomers to Britain as traditionally Guy Fawkes Night, fireworks, and bonfires were all celebrated widely. In some areas especially in South East England, the tradition of Guy Fawkes is still celebrated in the same traditions with Parades, Bonfires, Fireworks, and of course Pirates but generally, the American customs have infiltrated the way that we now celebrate Halloween.

This year, however, with the current restrictions with meeting up and social distancing things will have to be different but rather than cancel Halloween in the diary let’s look at other ways we can celebrate and enjoy the evening keeping within the rules.

Firstly we can still decorate our homes and gardens with Halloween decorations, obviously, there are still lots of pumpkins to be carved and hollowed out for gardens and window cills alike. These Jack-O-Lanterns are fun to make and to have around the house, especially if they have tealights and candles inside them. Other decorations can be very simple – spiderwebs made from paper doilies or from cotton wool, spiders made from pipe cleaners, or maybe Bats cut of coloured card.

It’s a great way to spend a dark or wet afternoon making these decorations and of course some fun party food for the children even if it’s just for the family.

Black cats, witches brooms are all good fun they have around.  Paper plates painted/crayoned black with big eyes and ears stuck on and possibly string or cotton buds (paper ones) make fine whiskas. There is so much you can make from odds and ends at home or a trip to the local discount shop will find a treasure trove of spooky and scary things.

One ides I thought to replace trick or treat is to have one or two jars, buckets or large bowls place near the front door or garden gate full of sweets or candy so that trick or treaters get a treat and still social distance at the same time.

When it comes to the food let your imagination run riot, great fun can be had with food colouring and icing even on plain biscuits.  Or how about almonds used as finger nails on sponge fingers, red icing will make them look perfect for Halloween. If you like really goolish things boiled eggs with an eye painted on in food colouring and pushed into a jar is very realistic.

Whatever you decide to do we hope that you have a fun filled day with lots of treats and happy memories made. We would love to see some of your photos of the event. We will  publish the photos we receive and will give a prize for the best one, we look forward to seeing them soon.