Handy Hints from Nanny Jane

By Nanny Jane

We are happy to bring you a series of Handy Hints for cleaning without using chemical cleaners from Nanny Jane .

Top Tip with Lemons and Bicarbonate of Soda

If you have lemons left over from cooking they make ideal cleaning products for the home. They can be used to clean sinks, draining boards, bathrooms, toilets, and much more.

Mix Lemons and Bicarbonate of Soda, lemons  have their own antiseptic . Cut the lemon in half and make a paste with the bicarb and a little water .Rub the lemon over the item you are cleaning then rub the paste over the top leave for 10 minutes or a little longer if it’s stubborn as the acid in the lemon breaks down the dirt. Wipe and rinse off  with a cloth and then buff with a clean cloth.

This way it doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy and it is a natural way to clean rather than using the expensive chemical cleaning items and it smells lovely.

Until next time.

Nanny  Jane

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