Halloween Party Food

Carole Smith

Last Halloween we looked at the origins and the traditions of Halloween and Samhain, so this year we have decided to look at the fun, the parties, and the party food. If you would like to read about the origin and the traditions please click here and you will be taken straight to the article.

Halloween parties whether for children, adults or the whole family can be fun and are made all the more fun with games and party food in keeping with the Halloween theme.

Traditional games like Apple Bobbing, Pinning a face on the pumpkin, Witches Hat Ring Toss are all suitable for both the adults and the children and are great fun, especially the Apple Bobbing if you don’t mind getting messy.

Combining the party food and a game decorating biscuits or cookies with spooky faces or other Halloween themes is a winner especially if there is a prize for the best one. Don’t forget to have lots of ‘second prizes’ to go round.

Some different ideas for spooky party food for you. Make some cookie dough and make them into finger shapes and using an Almond to make the fingernail by placing them at the tip of the ‘finger’ with the pointed end facing away. Lovely long nails in an instant. To make them even more ‘yummy’ dip them in melted chocolate. Marshmallows can be covered with a small piece of fondant icing and with food colouring marking eyes and a mouth look great and you have a plate of Ghosts or Ghouls.

Chocolate Sticks can be turned into witches brooms by placing thin slivers of fondant icing around about an inch from the bottom securing them with a longer piece around them near the top of the slivers.

Two wedges of a red-skinned apple can be turned into a toothy mouth bye putting some whipped cream or buttercream on the two inner sides and putting a row or two of mini marshmallows on the lower one and then top with the second slice. A spooky, red-lipped mouth for your buffet table.

To celebrate Halloween Parties, even more, we would love to see photos of your Spooky Party Food and will publish all the entries on the magazine and on our Purple Conversations Facebook Page. The winner will receive a High Street Gift Voucher and be in Purple Conversations with their winning entry. Closing date for the Halloween Spooky Food competition is 7th November 2019. Please email your photos to susan@purpleconversations.com with Halloween Spooky Food in the subject line. Thank you. We look forward to receiving your entries. Have a Fabulous and Spooky Halloween everyone.