Green Aventurine – A Beautiful Healing Crystal

Another of my favourite crystals is the beautiful green Aventurine a crystal that contains a good amount of quartz within it, along with inclusions of various other minerals, which gives Aventurine its specific green colour.

The Quartz within these crystals enables Aventurine to have a strong ability to amplify energy and therefore is a very healing crystal. It is linked with the Heart Chakra and is the usual crystal to balance the Heart Chakra.

One of the things that I really love about Aventurine is not just the beautiful green colouring but the different depths and shades of the green which is dependent on the mineral content, such as Fuchsite, and also from where the crystal comes from. Aventurine can be found in many countries around the globe including Italy, India, Brazil, China, Russia, Tibet and Nepal. The crystal has a strong reflective ability again depending on where it was found which is known as ‘Avenurescence’.

Although green is the most common colour for Aventurine but there are many other colours that can be found including red and blue, More unusual forms of Aventurine  that can be found such as white, brown, orange, yellow and grey.

I love the energy of Aventurine when it is held, for me it gives a feeling of warmth and calm. I find that when I meditate holding the crystal I can feel the healing vibrations and the relaxing energies coming from the stone. It is also good for clarity and helping make the life changes that can be challenging.

Adventurine with its lovely energy helps with releasing anxiety, a useful way to relieve stress. They are also known to be crystals that brings prosperity and luck and will help you to manifest money and abundance into your life. Always a bonus don’t you think.

Other benefits of Aventurine Crystals apart from the healing energies are the health benefits that aid blood pressure, and are said to aid the health of the physical heart. They can also help as an anti-inflammatory energy.

All colours of Aventurine, including the rough stones, are a powerful crystal to have in your office or home near your electronic equipment to remove electromagnetic smog.

For those occasions when you are feeling emotionally unbalanced through stress or relationship problems green Aventurine will help enhance your emotional wellbeing.

With all these amazing properties and with such a beautiful colour it is easy to see why I love this crystal and why my home always has Aventurine within it. I hope that you will love them as much as I do.

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