For The Love of Wood – New Beginnings

By Carole Smith

I recently met with a lovely gentleman by the name of Peter Lake at his wonderful Lakewood Workshop in Seaford where he makes the most beautiful wooden items from turned bowls to pens.

Peter took early retirement from the family business after a health scare and took some time to fully recover and get back to good health. He realised soon after that he was going to have to find a hobby that would take the place of working, he needed something that would satisfy him both mentally and physically, sitting watching daytime TV was definitely not for him.

Peter told me that wood was always his first love, he started making things at an early age, in fact he made a pair of stilts at the age of 10. From the items that Peter showed me that has made you can tell just how much he does love both the wood and creating the items. I must admit I thought they were beautiful to look at each time I saw a different item I said the same thing, but they were all stunning.

Peter converted an old aviary into his workshop – an Aladdin’s Cave full of chisels, drills, lathes and everything you could possibly think of to make his incredible items. He explained that he had made many of the tools himself.

The smell of the wood in the workshop was lovely, coming from all the pieces of wood and the shavings from the lathe. I do love the look and smell of the wood, and also how it feels once it has been smoothed and polished.

This was going to be a hobby but after a while of making various pieces Peter’s wife Pam, asked what was going to happen to them, just what was he going to do with them all as they were beginning to clutter the house.

A meeting with his wife and daughter brought the idea of selling them at Craft Fairs into being and for a while that is what he did, with their help. As the business grew it was decided that it would be better to have a new website built that would not only contain blogs and articles but also Peter would be able to sell the beautiful crafted pieces direct to customers through the website.

The website is full of interesting information on how the business became into being, plus other stories from his journey but the most important things are the beautiful creative pieces that he has hand crafted. I could talk for ages about how each piece is lovingly made, how the finished creations feel, the pieces are very tactile, just lovely to see and hold.


It was a pleasure to meet such a lovely man and I feel privileged to have met Peter and been to see his wonderful workshop and those beautiful crafted articles. The website is and I would urge you to take a look at the website, you will not be disappointed.


I hope that you enjoyed this article about Peter and his hobby that became a business. If you, or someone you know has turned a hobby into a business after they have retired, we would love to hear from you. We would like to highlight that there can be a new lease of life doing things you love after retirement, for those of us that want it.