By Rox (UK) Ltd

Are you thinking about popping the question or in the process of looking for an engagement ring? Have you ever questioned where the tradition for engagement rings originates or how this symbol of commitment is interpreted around the world? The engagement ring is seen as one of the most universal symbols of love around the world, although how it is made and worn varies in different cultures and religions.

In the UK, we are accustomed to seeing engagement rings displayed on the left hand, but this isn’t necessarily the case worldwide. For example, in many Northern and Eastern European countries – the engagement ring is worn on the right hand instead. However, in Chile, they traditionally wear engagement rings on their right hand and then switch over to the left once the couple is married.

The traditional aspect of Western-style diamond rings is the choice of a finger-ring. Yet, the traditional Hindu engagement ring called the ‘bichiya’ is a toe ring. Engagement rings aren’t always traditional practice in other cultures. In China, the groom’s family send gifts to the bride’s family and accepting them established the engagement.

With so many fascinating engagement ring facts and traditions, ROX has put compiled a list of thought-provoking facts about everything there is to know about engagement rings.


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