Engagement Ring Myths

By Rox (UK) Ltd

There are some common ‘rules’ being questioned when it comes to the purchase of an engagement ring. For instance, if you’ve heard the rule an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of two or three months’ salary, we can assure you that is no longer the case as there are no hard and fast rules on how much to spend on an engagement ring.

It’s also easy to assume Valentine’s Day would be the most popular choice for popping the question but in fact, the most popular time is December. According to a Bridebook survey, when it comes to purchasing the ring – it’s no longer the case for men to purchase the ring on their own. The survey found 44% of engagement rings are sold to couples browsing together.

If you are under the impression that the size of the rock is the most important part of the engagement ring, another survey found 86% of brides said the overall design of the ring was the most important feature to them.

To gain a broader understanding about everything there is to know about engagement rings, check out this guide from ROX, the diamond specialists.

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