Engagement Ring Etiquette

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Engagement Ring Facts from ROX

Being engaged is an exciting time for couples before they take the next step to getting married. However, while there are tons of traditions and expectations attached to this relationship milestone, engagement ring protocol looks to be getting a revamp from modern couples. For example, it’s becoming more common for couples to ditch certain practices, including how to shop for the ring and how to wear it. That’s why we’re diving into 21st century engagement ring etiquette and explaining why you don’t always have to follow the ‘rules.’

For instance, it’s becoming more common to find couples go engagement ring shopping together, allowing the bride-to-be to pick a ring that fits her style and suits her finger. Once the engagement ring has been picked out, it’s traditional to pair it with a wedding band once married. However, rather than traditionally wearing the engagement ring and wedding ring on the left hand, some couples opt to wear it on their right hand, or to just wear a wedding band and no engagement ring. Some couples may even opt for just the engagement ring and no wedding band.

Before the age of social media, people shared their engagement news through telling their closest friends and family or sending an announcement card out. Couples can now take to social media to broadcast their special news to family and friends and showing off your engagement ring by posting a ring selfie is a great way to publicize the engagement. Couples are even getting creative with the proposal itself. From proposals in photobooths, or the recent trend of enclosing the engagement ring in an avocado before proposing, there are loads of ways to make a stir on social media!

With many engagement ring facts and engagement etiquette changes, our friends at ROX have created an in-depth engagement ring fact guide that covers everything from the history of engagement rings, to how to care for them.

Engagement Ring Facts from ROX

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