Eastbourne Volunteers – Making a Difference in the Community

I recently met Helen Burton from Eastbourne Volunteers in their Information Hub in The Labyrinth in Mark Lane, to find out how they are helping the Eastbourne Community and what we can all do to help in the many areas that they support.

In the Hub you will not only find Helen or some of her volunteers that can help with information and advice about things happening but you can also pick up a copy of the new Eastbourne Voice community paper that Eastbourne Volunteers now produce every month highlighting what is happening in the community and giving a voice to people that are affected by cuts in services and the organisations trying to help them.

The paper will champion the great work done in many sectors by local people and businesses. They will remain totally non-partisan allowing them to work with any political party. There is a sister paper too that is produced The Volunteer and in this paper you can find information on Volunteer Organisations and Groups that are there to support different needs within the community. There are also articles from MP Stephen Lloyd, The Mayor and various charities, all containing interesting and informative reading.

The October issue featured articles on mental health helping to bring a much needed awareness of this important issue including stamping out the stigma that is still unfortunately attached to it.

An article in The Volunteer is what prompted me to meet Helen, was the report of the death of Tom Sawyer, a young man who was a gifted composer, teacher, guitarist, pianist and vocalist and a buddy of the post-punk Delta 7 band of disabled musicians. The article explains what a wonderful young man he was but sadly he could not cope and took his own life. I had someone in my life that suffered with Bi-Polar and felt for his family and friends as this resonated with me fully. Delta 7 band are raising money in Tom’s name to continue their work. There is a link at the end of this article if you would like to make a donation.

Helen gave me a tour of their Hub including The Junction, a centre for young people within the Labyrinth where courses and get togethers are held to support young people in learning new skills, improving CVs and giving them confidence and new friends to move forward in their lives.

The Junction is a well equipped with tables, chairs, TV, computers and a good size kitchen, ideal for meetings, workshops and courses and is available to rent at a reasonable hourly rate. Plus it is in the centre of the town, an ideal situation for everyone to get to. Please contact Helen for more information or to book The Junction, you will be helping to support Eastbourne Volunteers as well as an excellent place for your meetings etc.

If you feel that you could become an Eastbourne Volunteer or help with donations to keep this wonderful organisation in the community please contact them, they would be very pleased to hear from you. Details are at the end of this article.

Lastly I would like to say a big thank you to Helen for all her help and time showing me around and helping me understand what a wonderful difference both she and her volunteers are making but they are always grateful for more support.

We will hear more from Eastbourne Volunteers at a later date.

Carole Smith

Purple Conversations


If you would like to contact Eastbourne Volunteers their details are:

Helen Burton


Email: Info@eastbournevolunteers

Tel: 01323381811

Delta 7 Donations

If you would like to make a donation here is the link


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