Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Government Advice

Useful Links

During the current Coronavirus Pandemic, we thought it would be useful to list various sites you may need for help, advice and reassurance.

Please bear in mind that the situation is changing minute by minute. Be mindful of false/fake news, peoples personal opinions and speculation prevalent on most social media sites. Our suggestion is to verify anything you read or hear with one of the recognised government sites.  Take sensible precautions, be mindful of the elderly and frail. Check-in with neighbours by phone. Utilise modern technology to keep in touch with friends and family.  Most importantly, stay calm and resist panicking.

NHS website Link  This page gives an overview together with answers to common questions.

NHS Link to 111 Online.  Their current advice contact them first, to protect yourself and others, do not go to a GP, pharmacy or hospital. Please use common sense if you have any other medical emergency.

NHS Link to Self-isolation advice

Gov.UK website Link. This is the Government’s guidance and a great place to start.

Gov.Uk website Link: Travel Advice.

We will continue to add information as we find it.