Cold Toes at Christmas By Jo Fitzgerald

I love to read children’s books, there is always magic in them whatever the age of the reader. I have just read Cold Toes at Christmas by Jo Fitzgerald and have found it just as magical, if not more so. The book is written in verse which flows beautifully, is full of hope and belief with an insight of how children think, feel and the worries that surround them that as an adult we may not notice. It is perfect for sitting reading with a child as there is so many things to talk about as the story unfolds, and hearing how they feel about what is happening in the story and maybe in their lives too.

The book is also full of wonderful illustrations by Embla Granqvist that totally capture the essence and vitality of the book.

I have to say the ending brought a little tear of joy to my eye, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it for any child. I know a special little girl that would just love it and I am sure you know a little girl or boy who would do too.

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The book is published by: Tiny Sponges Ltd,




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