April’s Angel Card Reading – Archangel Michael

By Carole Smith, Karma Violet

The Angel Card I have drawn for April is, I feel, very relevant for all of us with all that we have going on not only here in the UK but all across the Globe. I don’t always use the message on an Angel or Tarot card as I read intuitively but I felt very strongly that in this case, I must do exactly that. We have Archangel Michael a very powerful Spiritual Warrior and Protector. The words on the card are ” YOU ARE SAFE. ANGELS STAND CLOSE, SURRENDER YOUR CONCERNS AND ALLOW A MIRACLE TO OCCUR”
As I write these words my intuition is feeling very strong and I really feel the need to ask you all to please follow this message from Archangel Michael, stay strong in your belief that we are being protected and guided to get through these unprecedented times.
The changes in energies have been building for a very long time as we move towards the Ascension that has been predicted for centuries.
The change in these energies together with worry about the effects of Covid-19 on not just our health but our way of life in all areas is causing anxiety, depression in many people, and difficulties for each and everyone of us.
On a positive note in general, people are helping each other in so many ways, bringing back a real community spirit and my heart and gratitude go out to everyone who is trying to help and to the wonderful NHS and Key Workers that are working tirelessly to cope and beat the health problems so many people are suffering from.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and things will become normal again, but I feel a different normal. I feel that we have revisited our values and found that simple things are very valuable spending time with our family and our friends. For me personally, I have re-affirmed that I need a HUG, I hug family, friends, students and clients and I am missing that more than anything, Second thing I’m missing is coffee and walnut cake in a local cafe with friends.

I send you all a virtual hug, and I trust that next month’s Angel Card will be a little gentler. Remember to trust your Angels too
With Love and Light
Carole xxx

This month’s Angel Card is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray








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