April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes

By Martina Mercer

Welcome to your April 2018  monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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   Martina Mercer

Your April 2018 Monthly Horoscopes


Try not to overreact when you’re feeling challenged, as people and situations are likely to wind you up this month. You always have choices, so you can either respond with knee jerk reactions or you can try to delve deeper into why you are feeling so feisty. Examine what you really believe and where you need to bite your tongue, opposed to where you feel tempted to perform some feisty melodramatics. Try to remain calm so you can concentrate on steering your desires into improving your life instead of channelling your energy into power struggles that keep you from moving forward, onwards and upwards.


Nobody is made to be perfect, although that is what you do strife for Taurus! When life takes you along a direct path; when it seems like nothing is happening; or when your carefully thought out plans go awry, always remember that you are not actually failing. When you don’t get what you want or things don’t go entirely your way, think of it as an opportunity for something else to happen. Try to not be so attached to what you desire that you inadvertently block something better from coming along. There are no mistakes or failings, only lessons. Therefore, if you learn from them they can be turned around and viewed as successes.


It is best to wait until after the 15th April – when your ruling planet Mercury ends its retrograde and begins it direct movement again – to get the ball rolling in various aspects of your life. You may find yourself restless with a need to move ahead, even if you feel you’re not quite ready yet. But, as well as Mercury going Direct, there is also a New Moon in Aries on the 15th, consequently, you can expect such a huge explosion of clarity, that you to progress towards your goals with joy in your step and a glint in your eye. Although, it is essential that you tread carefully so that you make the right choices and also behave in an appropriate manner, otherwise it can all go to pot!


The month ahead is the time for some emotional Spring-cleaning. Declutter and clear out any distractions so you can concentrate on what really matters. Some people and scenarios are likely to activate some intense reactions in you this month, so you will need to be focused and patient in order to make sense of everything. Your initial reactions are liable to be a bit too cutting, so take a step back before replying; nevertheless, say what you mean, and mean what you say in a pleasing way, or you will just end up being nasty and hurting those around you.


Change may be unavoidable, but growth surely is not. Now is the time to really try. Make sure that you are endeavouring to better your life instead of just evading your problems. This month will bring you plenty of opportunities to see things from a new and clearer perspective, but you have to seize those opportunities. Do your homework so that by the time the Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 29th, you’re ready to quit a destructive or negative relationship, habit or situation.


Development, like both joy and sorrow, is not one-dimensional. You may feel like you are spinning around in circles or struggling with feelings of being stuck in a conundrum this month. It is imperative that you remain without judgement for what you are experiencing in the present situation. By accepting and facing your situation and then ‘owning it’ can you recognise what’s really going on with you and then ascertain the best ways to handle it.  Be patient and keep persevering, all is and will be well.


It is important that you pay attention when people reveal themselves to be unkind or unfair. Accept others when they do show their true colours, whether it’s by spoken word or by their actions. If you find yourself engaging in conflict this month, make sure you’re fighting for something plausible and not just out of spite or feelings of  hatred. When somebody treats you wrong, that is a reflection of them, yet how you chose to respond is up to and all you.


The Sun moves into your relationship house and the Moon is full in your sign on the 29th; it’s your time to glitter and shine Scorpio! For things to go in the right direction make sure you chose your battles wisely. You could get swept up in the flow of other people’s drama, but all that will do is draw you away from the path which is heading towards your own goals. Write your own story; dance to the beat of your own tune. Make choices that reflect your best self!


The way you think about and use your resources and opportunities is being put to the test. If you find yourself with less money, less support, or anything else you feel you need this month, then you will need to consider the bigger picture. You are meant to learn how to make things meet. It may feel like you’re being punished, but you’re not, this is more like a ‘test’. Whether you need to learn how to innovate; ask the right people for help, or to be more cautious, the burden is on you to do what’s needed without losing track of yourself or your chosen path.


It’s time to step into the light. April is a particularly fruitful time when what you do counts. What looks good on paper is not necessarily right for you at this particular time. Think clearly and carefully if you are considering taking on new projects or relationships and whatever you decide, proceed with caution. This month you are being pulled in different directions, you are either feeling more present ‘in the moment’ or  it may seem like you’re caught up in a tornado, frantically scattering your seeds all over the place. Being patient and giving good intent to everything you do will make all the difference.


Unfortunately, worrying cannot be forestalled; it’s an unavoidable trait of being human. What you can do dear Aquarian, is practice taking note and lessening the attention and worth you give to your anxieties. This month will certainly put your relationships to stress to the test. Make sure you pay due care and attention to how quick you are to close down, react, deflect and/or deal with day to day stresses. You will have the opportunity to make changes to how you deal with your emotions that will remain with you into the future, especially from the second decan of April. So do your utmost to get up and show up, most especially when you’re not feeling your best self!


Do what’s right for you this month loving and giving Pisces. Live YOUR life be true to yourself, even if it seems like more complicated choices need to be made or if it takes you the long way around to get anything accomplished. Life can get rather muddled, with so many things going on all at the same time. Therefore, instead of projecting and conforming to what and how you think others want you to be, just focus on and be authentic to yourself. After all, you are the only one in control of your thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions.  The time has come for some major life changes, a time to dispel your fears, put your best foot forward and portray your optimal self.



  1. Mercury retrograde in Aries is causing all kinds of upheaval with communication and travel. Roll on April 15th when things begin to go smoothly again!

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