Angel Card Reading – January

This month’s Angel Card reading is not only a new month but a new year and a new decade. This year, 2020, brings changes in energies for all of us as there are many astrological changes with important conjunctions between planets, some that have not happened for over 200 years.

I feel that this will be an easier year for most of us as these energies move throughout the year, a much kinder year for us all.

This month’s Angel Card is …Yes. A simple but important statement for us all as this year asks us to start to make changes that we have been thinking about doing. Maybe you have been thinking of taking up a new hobby, getting fit, changing your job or moving home. All these things can be daunting and a little scary starting a new journey, but this lovely Angel Card is telling us that it will be ok, listening to our intuition is the right thing to do and our intuition is correct. The beautiful fish in the centre of the Angel Card represents good luck, abundance, success, transformation and creativity. A perfect set of meanings to start new projects of any sort.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and I wish you every success with your new idea, project and journey. I shall be back next month with another card reading for you all.

Love and Blessings





Carole Smith


Mobile 07909513500




This month I have used Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue,  “Mermaids and Dolphins”. If you would like to purchase these cards there is a link below for you to do so. I have spent many hours over the years with these beautiful cards, I hope that you will enjoy them too.


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