Angel Card Reading For The Month of September

By Carole, Karma Violet

We are happy to present you a new monthly feature – an  Angel Card Reading for the month starting with September. The reading is a general reading for everyone and therefore some of it may not resonate with you, just take the information that resonates with you and let the rest go. I hope that you enjoy the reading each month and that it helps you understand what is happening around you. If you would like a more in depth explanation or if you would like a personal reading please let me know, I will be happy to help you.

September’s Angel Card is from the Messages From The Angels by Doreen Virtue and is Crystal. Crystal reminds us that we cannot always see what is in store for us, often things that we are not aware of have to happen first to allow new changes or for the ending of a difficult time.

The verse on the card says ” Have faith and hope because there is something positive and new that you can’t yet see”

At the moment we are under the influence of the new moon and with it brings new plans, ideas and creativity, but it can also mean that the surrounding energy can be very heavy and make us feel out of sorts and a little off kilter until the energies have settled into this new phase of the moon. This reminds us that sometimes we need to stop and rethink before we act in haste as Crystal is reminding us in the Angel Card that things are happening that we don’t know about and it may therefore be better to revise our plans or at least wait a few days to see what these changes are.

She is also reminding us that we need to have faith and hope as everything is not always as bad as it may look and that a positive outlook can bring a positive outcome.

There is light shining in the card bringing the faith and hope and a beautiful field of flowers also conveys positive feelings.

I feel the beginning of September may be a slow and heavy month as summer starts to drag its heels into Autumn but by the 3rd week of the month things will start to move forward much more smoothly and gain momentum by the end of the month.

I hope that you enjoyed this month’s card and that it brings you love, light and happiness.

Until next month



Carole Smith


Karma Violet
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