Angel Card Reading For The Month of October

By Carole Smith

Welcome to our second monthly Angel Card reading, we hope that you are enjoying this new feature and that you find the angel guidance helpful. So we are now into October and Autumn is well and truly with us, the leaves are fast becoming the beautiful reds and golds that we associate with Autumn and the trees are slowly shedding their leaves. October also brings Halloween and Samhain, pronounced Sowain, with all the festivities that are associated with the end of October.

This month’s Angel Card is Isaiah, a beautiful and protective card. Isaiah tells us that this is a good time to give birth to our ideas, new projects and to think about the situations we find ourselves in. A time to take stock of everything that is happening around us. To question whether we are happy within ourselves, with the people and places around us.

With the longer evenings ahead it is a perfect time to learn something new, perhaps a new language, a new skill or hobby. For those of you that have been working on plans and ideas for a new business, thinking of changing careers, planning to move home or relocating this is a very auspicious time to launch those ideas and plans in the knowledge that the Angels are looking after you, and those around you. A very exciting time for lots of us launching and then watching all our new plans take shape and grow into the visions that we have held, some of us for a very long time.

So be brave and be true to yourself and release those ideas and plans, you will be very glad that you did. For those of you that are not ready to release your ideas remember that you are being protected while you plan for a little longer, just have faith and keep going.

I feel that the energies are lighter this month and that things will move forward much faster than they did in September so we will not have to wait so long for developments to happen this month.

I hope that you enjoyed October’s Angel Card Reading, I shall be back with November’s Angel Card Reading next month,

With love and Blessings

Carole x


Carole Smith


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