Angel Card Reading for July 2020 – Travel

By Carole Smith

I drew this card this morning and although it is headed Travel, and for a few of you it will mean exactly that, my feeling is that for a lot of you this is travelling along your new path.  The effects of Covid 19 have been felt far and wide with many changes for us all.  Each of us is experiencing changes on our path that we didn’t expect and some of us are coping better than others but a step at a time and keeping an open heart will help. We have had a chance to take a step back and re-evaluate how we have been living, many of us rushing around without taking a breath to see what is happening around us. As the saying goes “Stop and Smell The Roses” for many people that had been long forgotten as they try to balance a job, a house and family, not an easy task for anyone. It is so important to have a balance in our lives and this situation has forced us to remember that.

Travelling a new path can be exciting and allows us to grow both externally and internally, and the more we can stay positive and happy the more the journey can be fun and rewarding. This card is also letting us let go of the things in our life that no longer serve us and hold us back from where we should be.

My feelings from this card are that certain things will never be the same again, but on a positive side Mother Earth has had chance to recover with a great deal less pollution landing on the earth and the seas. However, we must all remain true to ourselves and send out as much love as we can to everything and everybody. Being kind to one another will help us all get through this in a much easier way.

I hope this helps you all this month. I will be back with another reading next month. In the meantime, if you should like a personal reading I am available. Please email me on, message me on Facebook or call me on 07909513500


Carole xx


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