A bit about me ….. Homeopath coming at it from the far out and furry end.

By Fiona Dilston - Homeopath

 I’ve used Homeopathy since I was seventeen, studied all sorts of therapeutic techniques and methods in my own search to sort myself out and help others along the way.

From working as a volunteer counsellor for Mind in Barnsley to being the medium with a ghost hunting (err paranormal investigation team) to help fund my training in Homeopathy.
When patients come to me saying “Erm, this is a bit off the wall Fiona” chances are I have indeed heard it before and I will just smile and say “Ok, tell me more …..” I believe that there is a very very fine line often between the “psychic” and “psychiatric”and seek to balance the individual so that they are using that wonderful intuition and “magic” of theirs to benefit them not hold them back.
I read Tarot and it does get used with patients or clients when they want it …with the stress on “when they want it” ..it’s a tool to access my intuition and help me to help them. None of your voodoo dollies or channelling Jesus through the freezer with me. I have seen too much of it all 😉
I love to unravel peoples’ stories and piece things together, digging, intuiting and questioning along the way. Wanting to know “the far end of” and what granny’s inside leg measurement was almost 😉 It’s the piecing together and working with timelines that gives me the necessary insight to then prescribe the correct remedy and get results. From vaccination dates to when a childhood pet died it is all so very very relevant.
Over the last few years I have increasingly used then trained in and became at trainer of EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping and this works beautifully to re-inforce Homeopathic treatment. Helping patients along with carefully chosen remedies to release grief, shock, fear and more. Giving them something to work with between sessions to empower them a bit and deal with issues that may come up as well as taking remedies of course.



  1. From the other end of the spectrum I am a homeopath with a medical background having spent most of my adult life working in Occupational Therapy, learning difficulties and latterly psychiatry.
    I come to homeopathy from a more factual down to earth scientific approach. I am not trained in other techniques as I want to give all my energy to continuing to perfect my homeopathy skills. In fact one of the reasons I chose to study homeopathy is that it is such an enormous subject that it could be studied for ever and never be completely learnt as apart from the various methods and techniques and philsophies there are over 3,000 remedies and I love studying. My only other relevant interest is in food and healthy eating and think that that is the basis of good health.
    It’s nice to think that there are other homeopaths out there and that we are all different and people have the choice.
    Simone Oates RShom.

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