Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2019

By Martina Mercer

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 Martina Mercer


People you meet may lead you off your path. There are those who stand for progress, and those who represent the way of the past. You have strong convictions about what is right and fair, but express them self-righteously. You can be persuasive but don’t browbeat the opposition. Meetings during the month of May remind you of long lost people. It’s good to revisit the past, but don’t dwell in it. Let go of old issues with loved ones.  May is an excellent time for expressing your thoughts and ideas. Make sure people hear what you have to say, and deliver your message with wit. Being kind and diplomatic is the best way to smooth the path ahead. It’s good to be assertive, but you could be heading for trouble if you steamroller others.


Ideas are buzzing and put you in motion. In this phase take what’s good from what you’ve established and then move on. Goals need to be redefined. It’s in this period that you reassert your faith in the future. You gain a new understanding of your direction in life. Good fortune is with you, so focus your mind on future development and communication skills. You may encounter trouble, but it’s just a test of strength. Those who know you professionally want results not assurances. You are distracted by flattery and pleasures, but they will lead nowhere. You can be the chosen leader, but you have to make your presence felt. Expect professional success and recognition, especially if you associate with those who can connect you to your destiny. Fate steps in during May and puts you on the right path to achieving inner goals.


Tune in to what is unique in you, and let everyone know. The dividing line between madness and genius is thin, but go for it. Be spontaneous and free. You want to demonstrate that you are different, but this can make you provocative and alienated.

The month of May heralds career moves and domestic change. You seek the untraditional. A positive frame of mind brings you luck, success and advancement. Resist the urge to pontificate and win arguments. Be tolerant. Go slow and get it right. Make plans, but keep expectations low. This is the time to formulate your goals, taking past experiences into account. You’re on overdrive, but may cut corners. Take action to reach your destination, but don’t needlessly provoke, or there will be quarrels.


During May, conflicting values can lead you to say the wrong thing. Inappropriate affection can put your mind off track, so watch your judgement. It’s good to get feelings out into the open and have a cosy chat. You’ll want to express your caring side, and your vulnerability. People on the fringe bring inspiration. Spontaneous moves enhance romance. It’s your unique side that exerts an attractive influence. You smooth relationships through well-chosen words. Express your warmest feelings and gratitude throughout the month of May and nice things will happen in the family. Spend quality time curled up on the sofa with a loved one. Pleasant people pop by and make your life a pleasure.


During May you get an offer you can’t refuse. It could be naughty, but nice. You become the object of romantic attention and wonder how attractive you are. Money is spent to increase your sense of worth. Woman meets man, but there is more tension than sweet music. Whilst sexual energy is high, the danger of relationship upset is also present. Guard against childishness. When the bubble bursts, the longing remains. Love is unrequited when it is unrealistic. Only spiritual bonds stand the test of time. In this period you can count on your luck. Magnanimity and charm open every door for you.


Once a year you will be challenged to make a mission statement, and that time has now come. Don’t be afraid of claiming what is rightfully yours. Don’t ask and you won’t be disappointed. Cultivate self-sufficiency. It’s payback time if you’ve erred in relationships, whether love or business. You get lucky as nature’s bounty is showered upon you. Love, money – it’s all yours. With love comes insight, wisdom, travel and happiness. Important agreements and decisions made will have a long-lasting effect. Self-disciple and determination now will bring great results later. A bright awareness illuminates the darkest reaches of your soul. You discover unknown resources and create a transformation.


Personal convictions and new discoveries can make you review your lifestyle and relationships during this period. You’d like to prioritise your own plans, but career and family or partnership issues put the ball firmly in the hands of others. You have to assert yourself, but confrontation is inevitable. It’s not a time to compromise… it’s better to be strong than to be weak. Set limits, and if necessary accept loss. Feelings overwhelm you… home and family are uppermost in your mind. If you push people around, you’ll alienate the leadership. Take initiatives to enhance your career. Show people who you are and what you intend to do. You can light the way for others. Don’t hesitate to project yourself.


What you don’t know disturbs you. You anxiously uncover secrets during May. It seems that harmful information is buried somewhere. Avoid obsessing about it, as a bright awareness will illuminate the darkest reaches of your soul. You discover unknown resources and create a transformation.  Spiritual knowledge brings compassion. Feed your spirit through music, nature and sublime contact. Seek out the untraditional. There are exotic contacts to be made this month, and you come up with extraordinary – some might say crazy – ideas. Turn on and tune in. The urge to express exactly what you think is strong. The trick is to do this in a way which does not make you seem insensitive or arrogant.


Get out and about, see the world and meet intelligent people. Seek knowledge, and get wisdom. Impress others with your grasp of truth. Aesthetic and intellectual pleasures bless your way. Meeting people is a big part of your development. Friends need your special input, so say what’s on your mind. Messages come from across time. You discover unknown resources and create a transformation. Surprise meetings create wild excitement. Contact with exotic people brings consciousness change. Whatever you do, do something different this month.


May is the month to have fun. Surplus resources and positive energy help you project your best human qualities. Attract attention with humour and playfulness. Not only will you put your ideas across beautifully, you can also expect people to say nice things to you. You smooth relationships through well-chosen words. Ensure you make contact, even if it means travel. Communication is the key. Make sure people get to know the real you. Visit important people, and promote yourself confidently and humorously. Be seen and heard. Nice people let you know that life has its blessings. This evokes your loving side. Take time off with loved ones and enjoy life to the full.


It’s time for a change of scenery in May. You feel like a ballet dancer in an army barracks. Your values are challenged, but don’t let provocation or temptation throw you off balance. Cast the habits of the past behind you, go places, meet new folk. Dance, romance and make love. Be assertive and forget the finer sensibilities for a while. Enjoy your desires. There’s fun to be had in physical excellence and in meeting challenges. It’s great to be a winner, so mobilise your competitive urges. You can show your best side or your worst side during May. If you do want to make an impression or attract attention, don’t expose your weaknesses!


Good times for home and family are predicted for the month of May. Emotions and instincts come to the surface and create a feel-good atmosphere. It’s a magnificent month for visionary activities. Dreams take centre stage and capture everyone’s imagination. Expect spiritual growth! Nature’s bounty is showered upon you. Love, money – it’s all yours. With love comes insight, wisdom, travel and happiness. Unusual people and groups give you a new sense of direction during this period, There are travels and awakenings. It is also a great time to modernise your style.