Your Monthly Horoscopes – February 2019

By Martina Mercer

Welcome to your February 2019 monthly horoscopes by Astrologer Martina Mercer.

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  Martina Mercer


February is a time to take some much needed time out to concentrate on matters of the heart.Things have changed on their own accord and it’s finally time to let go and focus on protecting your feelings. Don’t try to push progress, go with the flow and treat yourself with the care you deserve.


Expect to be taken by surprise during February. You may need to cut your losses or act the honourable one in a particular situation. Whatever the outcome, it will be for the best. You will be making better choices as you learn the differences between reality and fantasy! Keep to your own morals and standards and be wary of gossip.


You are ready for change but anxiety seems to be holding you back. As you step out of your comfort zone, previous restrictive beliefs are going to try to hold you back from moving forward. The path to change will be less challenging if you try to not take any worries as actual facts. We all have a past but we don’t live there any more.


Your confidence is reinforced during February as you become more resilient to outside influences. It is a good time to figure out your next move; observe and celebrate your successes more than bewailing your failings. Figure out your intentions and plan your next move. Look for the pleasure and adventure in the little details of your life and in everything around you.


February will challenge you to view any concerns from a different angle. There’s much you don’t know, but you can choose how you use what you do! There are more choices open to you than you realise. Think carefully before you invest any of your precious time and money into projects and or people.


The energy from the full moon in Virgo on February 19 is an excellent time for helping you to finally ‘let go’. Prior to that full moon, spend time appraising your relationships and dealing with any concerns. Discretion is the operative word of the month. Try not to judge others, nobody’s perfect!


Acting from your most basic instincts will only be reciprocated leading to disagreements. Although, standing your ground concerning your own rights and sense of entitlement without being defensive can be challenging. You will be able to offload and action a different course if you are prepared to recognise that the fear of the unknown is playing a part in your current circumstances.


During February respect for your integrity is of the essence as you work toward your goals. True leadership is not about throwing your weight around or accumulating power. Leadership is about developing and helping people reach their full potential. You can find yourself moving along the right path if you are able to make a strong, yet measured move to acquiring your own seat at the table of success.


You have outstretched yourself of late and it’s getting you down. Whatever extra responsibilities you have taken on, it is now time to take stock and reconsider what you need to prioritise to be more effective. Your happiness and well-being supports the basis that all of your goals must be built upon.


February could bring feelings of low self-esteem through comparing yourself to others’ more fortunate. There is nothing wrong with using your ego to help you alleviate any concerns about your self-worth. Affirm your value by sticking to your principles and doing the best you can.


February brings some huge, meaningful and profound changes in your life. Accept those changes; don’t try to force or control them. You will adjust better to your new destiny if you acknowledge what you are prepared to do versus your integrity. For optimum results, try to not make any important decisions without thinking things through.


The full moon in Virgo on 19th February is likely to bring to the forefront some significant social drama. By directly dealing with your relationships everyone knows their place, which in turn enables them to make their own decisions and choices. If you can find optimism in your limits this month, it will take less effort to move in the direction you want with less drama.

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